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Give Anna Sethne the attention she deserves

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It’s September 25th 150 years since Anna Sethne was born in Drammen. In Drammen, there has been no trace of this internationally known educational pioneer until now. However, there will be a change to that.

Anna Sethne was the spokesperson for a more child-friendly and student-active school. Growing up in poor conditions in Drammen, and the opportunities she got through education, inspired her to give more children a way out of poverty. Her school experiments at Sagene School received attention far beyond national borders and she was also keen to convey educational research from Europe and the USA to her fellow teachers in Norway.

She had enough liked that Drammen is today a university town which, among other things, houses teacher training courses and a large educational research environment. An international name like Sethne fits in well with a modern Drammen with residents from all over the world.

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Funnily enough, there are no visible traces of this famous woman in Drammen

In Drammen is few women have had streets, squares and squares named after them, so this is also a small contribution to shake the male dominance in the public space.

If you trudge or cycling through Drammen’s streets, you meet national greats such as Welhaven, Wergeland, Kielland, Ibsen and Nansen, but also important local celebrities such as Marcus Thrane, Johan Halvorsen, Christen Smith and Niels Treschow.

The men you meet has titles such as county commissioner, captain, engineer, professor and rector. What they have in common is that they have been important enough to be allowed to be immortalized as names on our streets. The ladies you meet are fewer, but one of them is, thank God, Betsy Kjeldsberg. If leading the fight for women’s rights in a male-dominated world isn’t important, then we don’t know. There are a few other ladies who have been important enough in the streets of Drammen, e.g. Hanna Winsnes and Martha Sundland.

In the future hopefully we that they will be joined by several important ladies, and this year we have a golden opportunity to immortalize a lady who has had a great impact on the development of the Norwegian school and who continues to inspire school staff to make the school better for those it is for .

In 1932, Anna Sethne appointed knight of the 1st class of the Order of St. Olav. In Oslo, her name is honored through a building at OsloMet and a street at Torshov. After 150 years, it now seems that the city of her birth also honors her name. On Thursday, she got her own auditorium at Papirbredden on the occasion of the anniversary. And on Tuesday, a joint municipal council appeared to agree with us that we must honor her memory by having a road or place named after her. We are very satisfied with that.

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