In armor over Pepsi advertising: – Must be removed


Residents of St. Hanshaugen are upset about the embarrassing Pepsi advertisement. The Norwegian Environment Agency has never given permission for the installation.
Photo: Cathrine Røsseland

Residents react strongly. The Norwegian Environmental Agency assesses the advertisement as a traffic hazard and says it must be removed.

In the St. Hanshaugen district’s public Facebook group, there is great unrest because of a massive Pepsi advertisement that covers the entire facade at the busy intersection between Ullevålsveien and Waldemar Thranes gate.

– Many of us here at Haugen have reacted. I sat in the Java coffee bar this morning, and several people talked about it. We feel invaded and think this should be removed as quickly as possible, says Cathrine Røsseland, one of the residents.

There is speculation on Facebook about whether permission has even been given for such a large advertising surface.

Bård Eion Flaen, press officer at the Urban Environment Agency, answers the following to KOM24:

– There is an application requirement when setting up such advertising, and the Urban Environment Agency has not received an application in this case. Our assessment is that the signs are a traffic hazard and must be removed, and we will contact the advertising owner with advance notice of the decision.

Nicolay Bruusgaard, communications manager in Ringnes.
Photo: Kilian Munch

The advertisement is signed Ringnes for PepsiCo.

Nicolay Bruusgaard, communications manager at Ringnes, explains that the campaign is part of a global concept renewal of the brand and will be visible on ten different buildings and surfaces in Oslo this week and next.

– We have received confirmation from our agency that permission from the building owner has been granted. We are now checking what has been settled against Oslo municipality. If it turns out that the permits have not been obtained, we will remove the banners, says Bruusgaard.

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