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BUBBLES: This is the first image of what are supposed to be bubbles caused by the gas leak on the surface of the sea off Bornholm. Photographed from one of the Danish Armed Forces’ F-16 aircraft. Photo: Danish Armed Forces

Swedish SVT reports that seismologists registered two powerful explosions at the Nord Stream lines on Monday.


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On Tuesday morning, the Swedish Maritime Administration confirmed that the gas pipeline is leaking in both Swedish and Danish waters. Both experts and authorities keep the possibility open that it could be sabotage of the pipeline.

– There is no doubt that these are explosions, says Björn Lund, lecturer in seismology at the Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) to SVT.

One of the explosions had a strength of 2.3, and was recorded at as many as 30 measuring stations in southern Sweden.

Lund tells SVT that you can clearly see how the waves bounce from the bottom to the surface, and has no doubt that there have been explosions.

– We even had a station in Gnosjö that caught this, says Björn Lund.

The first explosion was registered at 02.03 on Monday night and the second at 19.04 on Monday evening.

LEAK: Leaks have occurred in the gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 in Swedish and Danish waters. This is the facility where the gas pipeline comes ashore in Lubmin in Germany. Photo: Jens Buettner / AP

The warnings about the gas leaks came from the Maritime Administration at 1.52pm and 8.41pm on Monday, after ships detected bubbles on the surface.

SVT writes that they have obtained the coordinates of the measured explosions, and that they are in the same area where the gas leaks were registered.

The last time a similar seismological event was recorded in the area was in 2016. According to Lund, it is not an area that is usually used for exercises by the defence.

– We usually get information about explosions that happen underwater, but sometimes we don’t. In this case, we have not received any information, he tells the channel.

Not long after it was reported that the pressure dropped in the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 1, the Swedish Maritime Administration announced that it was leaking in both Swedish and Danish waters.

– Yes, we have received information that it is leaking in two places, both in Swedish and in Danish waters, said Fredrik Strömbeck in the Maritime Administration to E24 earlier on Tuesday.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a gas crisis has arisen in Europe. There is a shortage of gas that large parts of the continent depend on, and gas prices have reached very high levels. This has happened because Russia, in response to international sanctions against them, has cut off the supply of gas via Nord Stream 1.

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