Satellite images show long queues of cars heading out of Russia

Satellite images show long queues of cars heading out of Russia
Satellite images show long queues of cars heading out of Russia

New satellite images show long queues of cars heading from Russia to Georgia and Mongolia. According to the FSB, 261,000 Russians have already left since Vladimir Putin declared partial mobilization for the Ukraine war.

This satellite image shows queues of cars near the Russia-Georgia border on September 26, 2022. Photo: Maxar Technologies, AP/NTB

26 Sep 2022 21:36

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It is the space technology company Maxar Technologies that is now publishing satellite images taken over the border areas between Russia and the neighboring countries of Mongolia and Georgia. The pictures show long queues of cars on their way out of Russia.

After Vladimir Putin declared “partial mobilization” in Russia on Wednesday, a large number of Russian men have left the country. The FSB intelligence service estimates that 261,000 men left Russia between Wednesday and Saturday morning alone. Novaya Gazeta reports. The figures are uncertain.

Long queues of cars at the border crossing at Kjakhta between Russia and Mongolia on September 23, 2022. Photo: Maxar Technologies, AP/NTB

Journalist Sergio Olmos compares the queue to Vladimir Putin’s huge military convoy towards Kyiv in February.

Russian state media reported on Sunday that the waiting time to cross the border into Georgia was 48 hours. Around 40,000 Russians have arrived in the Georgian capital Tbilisi since Wednesday, reports Sky News.

Finland also experiences an unusually high number of Russians coming across the borders. According to Sky News, close to 17,000 Russians have crossed the border into Finland since Wednesday.

On Monday morning, The Insider published drone footage showing huge queues at the Verkhnii Lars border crossing in Georgia.

It takes 40-50 hours to pass the transition due to the queue, writes The Insider on Telegram. The Insider is an independent Russian news website.

Summons 300,000 soldiers

In a televised speech on Wednesday, Putin declared “partial mobilization” in Russia and that 300,000 Russian soldiers would be brought in to fight in Ukraine. Putin himself justified the mobilization with the fact that the “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine receive help from the West.

The mobilization comes in the wake of the Ukrainians having recaptured a number of areas in Ukraine.

Since Putin’s televised speech, there have been demonstrations in several Russian cities. Many protesters have been arrested.

The independent Russian newspaper Meduza has reported that the Kremlin plans to close the Russian border to men of service age. According to sources the newspaper has spoken to, it will probably happen on 28 September.

A spokesman for the Kremlin said on Monday that no such decision had been made, reports Reuters.

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