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Waiting rivers in the streets

The authorities in the Canary Islands have asked people to have necessary emergency items ready, and to prepare for storms.

This weekend, large amounts of rainfall and gusts of wind with up to hurricane force, equivalent to over 118 km/h, are expected.

On Friday afternoon, Spanish emergency authorities issue a tropical cyclone warning in the Canary Islands from midnight. The warning that has been sent out has the highest degree of danger, corresponding to a red danger warning in Norway.

– Really unusual

Worst Sunday

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean that includes a number of popular holiday islands, including Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife.

The worst storm is predicted to set in on Sunday morning, with up to 30 millimeters of rain in one hour and a total of 100 millimeters per twelfth hour.

There can also be strong gusts of wind, with up to hurricane force of 120 kilometers per hour. The storm is forecast to last until Monday.

All schools will be closed on Monday.

– The ground here is so dry, that when there are large amounts of rain, there are many floods, it is dense and flows down the streets. In Las Palmas there are rivers in the streets when there is a real downpour, says Leo Lunde to Dagbladet. The Norwegian lives precisely in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, and has lived on the island for ten years.

Made preparations

Such storms often lead to power outages in the Canary Islands.

HAS TAKEN IN: Leo Lunde has done as the authorities have asked, and prepared himself. Photo: Private.
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On a daily basis, Lunde works as a journalist and editor in Canariavisen. Now he has prepared as best he can for the storm – cleaned up drains and removed outdoor furniture from the roof terrace. Artificial grass has been removed, so that the water can be sucked up into the ground.

– We have been asked by the authorities to have the necessary equipment such as a flashlight, gas stove, candles and enough food and water to get by for a few days, he says.

So he has done that.

Such weather warnings have come before too – without striking. Then it ended up with just a few scattered drops of rain. Lunde believes it will work this time.

– We need rain. It is very dry here and it has rained very little in recent years. But of course I hope it won’t be so bad that it affects people and property, says Leo Lunde.

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