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Still incited after the statements: – This was so bad

Still incited after the statements: – This was so bad
Still incited after the statements: – This was so bad

It has been two weeks since Queen Elizabeth (96) died at her Balmoral residence in Scotland.

The news led to enormous reactions around the world, including in this country.

But while many paid tribute to her and sent their condolences, others used the opportunity to criticize the British royal house and its history.

One of them was comedian and presenter Abu Hussain (35).

The criticism is hailing

On Twitter, the 35-year-old wrote:

– The British monarchy doesn’t get a single tear out of this South Asian here, ass. Morna, Elizabeth.

Following this, there has been a hailstorm in his inbox and comment fields. Hussain was not prepared for that.

– A week and a half after the statement, it was quite “heavy” with incitement, but it has calmed down a bit now, Hussain tells God kveld Norge.

Nevertheless, he receives some messages that sting extra.

Delayed messages

– Some of the messages that come in are inflammatory, but there are comments that I “survive”. Then there are some specific ones that I post, which I think people should see, he explains.

Recently, Hussain posted a screenshot of a message he has received, with the sender’s full name.

MORE MESSAGES: These messages were received by Abu Hussain on Friday. Photo: Private

– It was quite a strong message to get up at eight o’clock in the morning. At first I thought it was meat. It was quite a message.

Afterwards, the person in question sent several messages to the comedian. He explains that it was a conscious choice that he revealed the sender.

– I am not here to cancel anyone, but if I had removed the name there would not have been as many reactions. I wanted people to know that and think that you have to stand for what you write to others.

Most support messages

Although Hussain experiences receiving racist messages and incitement, he says that the vast majority of the messages he receives are supportive.

– Nine out of ten messages are supportive, but then you get hung up on the negative ones. I can handle most of them, but this was so bad.

After he received the message, he checked to see if it came from a real account. It turned out that it did.

– It’s not good to get messages like that from people, but I do have some experience. I’m not really bothered by it, but this particular message bothered me.

Following the conversation with Good evening Norway, Hussain has received several messages from the same profile.

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