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KNAKK: In this picture you can see that the rear carriage has come loose and hangs along the side of the cobra-shaped tail on the roller coaster. Photo:

A 14-year-old girl died and a 13-year-old boy was injured when the rear carriage on the roller coaster “Cobraen” came loose at Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus on Thursday. We currently know this about the accident.


Less than 30 minutes ago

Just before 1 pm, the police were notified that several people were trapped in the roller coaster.

The amusement park closed as a result of the accident, and will also be closed on Friday due to the investigation.

When police inspector Brian Voss Olsen in the East Jutland police met the press at 5 pm, he said the investigation was at an early stage.

– It is far too early to conclude with any reason, Olsen stated then.

What we currently know about the accident is that the rear carriage broke and hung down from the other carriages.

Eyewitnesses have also said that they heard a violent crash before they saw that the rear carriage was loose and “hung and dangled”.

A picture Ekstra Bladet has published shows that the rear part of the roller coaster is disconnected from the rest of the track and is on a loading platform.

«Unstable and uncomfortable»

Several Tivoli guests that Ekstra Bladet has spoken to say that they experienced the carriage as unstable and uncomfortable to sit in.

– A month ago, my girlfriend, my daughter and I heard unpleasant crackling sounds from there, which did not sound quite right, says Helena Fauerholt Bøgh to the newspaper.

Bøgh and the family have season tickets to the amusement park and the daughter would rather sit at the back of the roller coaster. Each time, the family has noticed that the carriage is making unpleasant noises.

FAST: The roller coaster “Cobraen” has a top speed of 70 km / h. Photo: Kim Haugaard / Ritzau Scanpix

Avisa Århus Stiftstidende has been in contact with one person who visited the amusement park on Tuesday from 11 to 18. He says that the rear carriage was not used during that time.

– I took it three times and walked past it often. The rear carriage was not used all day, says the man who will remain anonymous to the newspaper.

Avisa has submitted the information to police inspector Brian Voss Olsen, who does not wish to comment on this.

Ekstra Bladet has also been in contact with people who say that the rear carriage was not used on Tuesday.

They have tried to contact Tivoli director Henrik Ragborg Olesen to get a response to the information, without success. VG has done the same.

INVESTIGATIONS: After the accident on Thursday, the amusement park is closed. When it will reopen is currently unclear. Photo: RITZAU SCANPIX / Reuters

Large-scale investigation

During the press conference, Olsen said that they are embarking on a large-scale investigation where they will pick up video surveillance, talk to witnesses and employees.

The Danish Technological Institute and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority also carried out investigations on Thursday. In addition, the police have received assistance from the National Investigation Center (NEC).

When asked if the approval for the roller coaster should be in order, Olsen says that he can not begin to speculate.

He also will not answer questions about when the “Cobra” was last checked.

INVESTIGATOR: Police Inspector Brian Voss Olsen in East Jutland Police will not speculate on the cause of the accident. Photo: Mikkel Berg Pedersen / NTB

Strict control

To TV 2 Østjylland, the Association of Amusement Parks in Denmark (FFD) says that a roller coaster must be approved by the police every year.

– We work a lot with it and there are extensive requirements for how a company should document and ensure that security is in order, says head of secretariat Kristian Nørgaard in the association.

During the season, the service business also pays unannounced visits to review security. In addition, the amusement park’s own technicians usually work with inspections of the roller coasters, says Nørgaard.

In 2008, four people were transported to the hospital when another carriage detached from the same roller coaster on July 4, according to Danish TV 2.

The reason then must have been a fault in several of the bolts on the construction. These errors were discovered several hours before the accident, without having been sufficiently rectified, writes Ekstra Bladet.

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