Germany: – Clung under a bus

Germany: – Clung under a bus
Germany: – Clung under a bus

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A woman driving behind the bus on the A99 motorway in Ebersberg in Bavaria on Sunday managed to brake in time to avoid running over the man.

The woman honked to get the bus driver’s attention. The driver stopped shortly after near the town of Vaterstetten. Then the other migrant crawled out from under the bus and ran to his friend, who had only suffered minor injuries in the fall.

German police state that the two men are asylum seekers from Morocco. According to the men’s own statements, both are 26 years old.

It is unknown how the two got stuck under the bus and how long the journey had lasted. But a police spokesman says they must have been clinging to somewhere near the exhaust system, as both were covered in soot.

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