Trump lawyer testifies against Trump


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In short

  • Lawyer Michael Cohen is the main witness in the case against Donald Trump regarding the payment of “hush money”.
  • Cohen, previously convicted of perjury, was Trump’s lawyer and allegedly paid $130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels to prevent her from going to the media with a story about Trump.
  • Trump is accused of violating the Accounting Act by reimbursing Cohen’s expenses.
  • Trump’s defenders will try to brand Cohen as untrustworthy.

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On Monday, Cohen is expected to enter the witness box, ready to help bring down his former boss.

For a number of years, Cohen was Trump’s lawyer and “fixer”. He had a reputation for being fiercely loyal and willing to solve problems that didn’t stand the light of day.

According to his own statement, part of the job was to cover up the boss’s “dirty actions”.

One of the shady assignments was allegedly to pay $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels just before the 2016 US election.

WITNESS: Michael Cohen on his way out of the prosecutor’s office in New York last March. Photo: Yuki Iwamura / AP / NTB
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Word for word

The motive is said to have been to prevent Daniels from going to the media with the story of his meeting with Trump at a golf tournament ten years earlier. Daniels says the two had sex, which Trump denies.

Now Trump stands accused of having broken the accounting law when Cohen was reimbursed for his expenses. The prosecutor believes the sum was listed as “legal expenses” to hide the real purpose.

– They were very interested in paying for the story, Daniels said of Trump and Cohen in court in New York last week.

The press that was present before the court was set on Monday asked Trump, among other things, whether he was worried about Cohen’s testimony. Instead of answering the question, Trump pointed to a new poll showing him leading in a number of swing states.

He then once again lashed out at the prosecutors, the trial and US President Joe Biden.

– There is no evidence. I am innocent. This is a political witch hunt, Trump said.

– Everything comes from Biden and the White House. The only way they can win is to go after me, he added.

HOPEFUL: Ex-president Donald Trump in court in New York last week. Despite several indictments against him, Trump hopes to be able to move into the White House again next year. Photo: Curtis Means / Pool / AP / NTB
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Admitted lie

But using Cohen as a “star witness” is by no means unproblematic. In 2018, he was sentenced to several years in prison, including for having lied to Congress.

In a court hearing last year, Cohen admitted to lying, under oath, in the trial in 2018. Trump’s defenders in the bribery case will try to brand Cohen as a self-proclaimed liar with no credibility.

In addition to this, Cohen has openly expressed that he wants to see his former boss behind bars.

As recently as last week, he appeared on Tiktok wearing a T-shirt with an image that apparently showed Trump in handcuffs behind bars.

SPEAKS OUT: Porn star Stormy Daniels tells in an interview about her alleged relationship with President Donald Trump. Video: CBS News / CNN / Photo: CBS News / AP / NTB Scanpix
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Political gain?

– He has spoken extensively about his desire to see Trump imprisoned, said Trump’s defender Todd Blanche during the opening of the bribery case.

According to Trump’s lawyers, Cohen is almost obsessed with a desire to “take” his ex-boss.

If the jury still believes Cohen, Trump can now be convicted. But at the same time, he can benefit politically from the prosecution trying to build the case on information from a person with such a fringe reputation.

Trump claims all the charges against him are politically motivated and the result of a corrupt judiciary – a claim he uses to build support and raise campaign funds.

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