Former chief adviser to Boris Johnson: We should never have been in the idiotic war in Ukraine

Former chief adviser to Boris Johnson: We should never have been in the idiotic war in Ukraine
Former chief adviser to Boris Johnson: We should never have been in the idiotic war in Ukraine

Dominic Cummings. Source: iNews.

Dominic Cummings was chief adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but now, in Cummings’ first public interview since leaving the government, published on inews on May 9he contradicts the whole of Britain’s policy on Ukraine – for which his former boss, Prime Minister Johnson, has been the foremost advocate.

How to start Wikipedia’s article on Cummings :

Dominic Mckenzie Cummings (born 25 November 1971) is a British political strategist who served as chief adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from 24 July 2019 until his resignation on 13 November 2020.[1]

From 2007 to 2014, he was a special adviser to Michael Gove, including the time Gove served as Education Secretary, leaving when Gove was appointed Chief Whip in a cabinet reshuffle. From 2015 to 2016, Cummings was director of Vote Leave, an organization that successfully campaigned in the 2016 referendum for Britain to leave the European Union. Following Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister in July 2019, Cummings was appointed Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister.

And here is the part of the inews article dealing with Britain’s policy on Ukraine:

Ukraine is a “corrupt shit country that means nothing at all”

Dominic Cummings fears that by supporting Ukraine, the West has actually helped Putin, with sanctions forcing Russia to deepen its alliance with China.

“We should never have ended up in this whole stupid situation,” he says. “This is not a replay from 1940 with Potemkin Zelenskyy as a Churchillian underdog,” he says. “This whole Ukrainian corrupt mafia state has basically conned us all and we’re all going to be pissed off as a result. We’re going to be pissed now aren’t we”?

“The cost of living has been a massive shock, the sanctions regime has been much more of a disaster for European politics than it has been for Russian politics…

“The [talsmenn for å støtte Ukraina] said ‘Oh, China will support us’. I then said “no China will not, China will make a lot of money supplying Russia”.

The result, he says, has been “to end up in a war of attrition with Russia, which we pushed into an alliance with the world’s largest production power”.

But what about those who claim that Putin needed to be taught a lesson and that we can’t just allow him to invade a neighboring country?

“What lesson have we taught him? The lesson we have taught Putin is that we are a bunch of fucking clowns”.

“I think Putin already knew that before the war. But this has underlined it and broadcast it to the whole world what a bunch of clowns we are, and America is now doubling down on this in trying to seize Russian assets, so it has already created a sanctions regime that encourages the construction of alternative financial systems globally… It is don’t teach Putin a lesson just that we are idiots”.

When asked how the West should have responded to Putin’s invasion, Cummings claims that they “should never have gotten into the whole stupid situation in Ukraine in the first place.” He blames the “babbling” about Ukraine joining NATO. “We kept talking about it. Russia repeatedly said “Don’t do this or we will destroy the place”. Why have we gotten into this whole stupid argument? For what? What a corrupt crap country that means nothing at all. It’s all completely pointless.”

He said that for Boris Johnson, the war was “like a godsend, a lifeline to get everybody to forget his collapse … to indulge his Churchillian fantasies’. “Ironically, of course, Westminster swallowed the whole thing, even though they kind of hate Boris and constantly criticized him as a lying charlatan, they swallowed his total bullshit about Ukraine and took it seriously”.

The article is in Norwegian

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