Mette Fredriksen – Receives hygiene criticism

Mette Fredriksen – Receives hygiene criticism
Mette Fredriksen – Receives hygiene criticism

But it was not the pleasant message that fell heavily on the chest of several Danes when the Social Democratic Prime Minister shared the picture of his dinner preparations for the family. It was the picture of the chicken.

In the same vein as the raw chicken, the Prime Minister cut onions.

– Oh no, don’t use the same pot for chicken and vegetables, writes one user.

Another follows up:

– Dear Mette, you NEVER use the same pan for raw poultry and raw vegetables, unless you love Campylobacter, salmonella and 48 hours in the immediate vicinity of your bathroom.

The Danish newspaper BT mentioned Fredriksen’s Sunday greeting first. The prime minister’s press contact has not responded to the newspaper’s inquiry.

That raw chicken should not come into contact with other foodstuffs is well-known advice for good kitchen hygiene. Raw chicken should be cut on a separate knife, and both the knife and the knife should be washed well afterwards.

Raw chicken can contain disease-causing bacteria that cause gastrointestinal infection. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s advice is that poultry meat should be cooked through.

In its advice for good kitchen hygiene, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority writes that you should change utensils between different raw materials and between raw materials and ready-made food. Alternatively, you can wash the utensils well between each use.

On Instagram, however, there are some who step in to support the Prime Minister and point out that possibly the whole thing should be heat-treated, which in that case will cause the bacteria to die.

Other users take the opportunity to comment on Israel’s attack on Gaza, and criticize Fredriksen for “contributing to the genocide”.

Another points out that she should close her comment section.

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