Abid Raja will give the peace prize to Stoltenberg


Open letter to Venstre’s Abid Raja.

By Marius Reikerås.

The other day, we could read that you have nominated NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg for the Nobel Peace Prize, in deep admiration. On behalf of the hundreds of Libyan refugees I have met since Norway and Stoltenberg destroyed their country in 2011: Here is our response to you.

In the spring of 2009, I was in Libya, and experienced what was then perhaps Africa’s most well-developed country. People seemed to be having a good time there. Two years after I was there, in the period between 24 March and 30 April 2011, your hero, Jens Stoltenberg, almost single-handedly decided to drop 588 heavy bombs on Libya’s territory. The decision was taken without any basis in the Constitution. Overnight, Libya went from being a well-functioning country to, quite literally, being bombed back to the Stone Age with enormous suffering for the population.

Your hero, Jens, thought the bombing of Libya was good training for Norwegian fighter pilots. The reports in Denmark, which have been kept secret until recently, show that the bombs killed many civilians.

Since I developed a relationship with Libya and Libyans after being there, I have become involved in Norway’s war crimes against Libya. I have complained about your hero to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and have met many of them who never saw any other option but to flee the country that your hero helped to bomb apart.

Two years ago, I met the Director of Immigration in Malta, Dr. Anton D’Amato. He told powerful accounts of people who drowned when they were going ashore in Malta.

In Malta, I also met some Libyans who are staying illegally, and they could tell about a Libya which, as of today, must be considered one of the worst places on earth.

And the man responsible for Norway’s military aggression against Libya is the man you think should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Chew on it a little.

He did not even have knowledge of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilians in Time of War, where his primary argument for saying that Norway was not at war was that Norway’s territory was not in danger!

You should have read up on Article 2 of the Geneva Convention, where it says:

“…this Convention shall apply in the event of declared war or any other armed conflict”

Everyone can agree that dropping 588 bombs on another country’s territory is “war or any other armed conflict”. Incidentally, Stoltenberg’s war, as mentioned above, was not even anchored in section 25 of the Constitution.

Then it doesn’t help that Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide, right after the bombs were dropped on Libya, said that: “We bomb the most and the best.” (Speech in Norway’s Atlantic Committee, May 2011, Dagsavisen, 7.5.2011)

Turn it all on its head when Raja:

That the head of Libya decided to drop 588 bombs on Norwegian territory. Would you then have nominated the person responsible in Libya for the war crimes against Norway as your candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Marrakech, on 2.2.24

Marius Reikerås

Read more at steigan.no about Libya.


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