Wife’s revenge goes viral: – Bravo!


Recently, Lindsay Donnelly’s (33) husband made a small comment that she will soon forget.

According to Donnelly, her husband, Brian Donnelly (37), said that she does nothing at home.

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In a humorous TikTok video that is now going viral, the New York woman says that she decided to show her husband how much she actually does.

She has given the video, which has been viewed 16 million times, the hashtag MarriageHumor , i.e. EkteskapsHumor .

FULL SOFA: Lindsay Donnelly shows how the living room looked after the two days. Photo: Screenshot
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Go on a trip

Donnelly says she did nothing at home for two days – and then went on a girls’ trip.

– My husband commented that I don’t do anything in the house. For two days I did nothing in the house, she says.

In the video, she shows how messy the house became in those days.

There are toys and shoes on the kitchen floor, a sink that is starting to fill up, an overcrowded dining table, a large load of clothes in the living room that needs to be folded, and a messy bathroom.

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Not paying attention?

In the comments section, many people write that they got a good laugh out of the revenge.

– Bravo, writes one.

– They won’t take it with them until it is no longer done. My ex was exactly the same, one writes.

– Hope you got him to clean up, comments another.

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Trying to distribute

Donnelly tells Today.com that she and her husband have been married for seven years, and that they have two children, aged seven and four respectively.

She says that it is the husband who is usually responsible for the cooking, and that they try to distribute the housework as best they can.

– The night he made the comment, I was about to put the children to bed while he cleaned the kitchen, she says.

FILL UP: This is what the bathroom looked like after two days, claims Lindsay Connelly. Photo: Screenshot

FILL UP: This is what the bathroom looked like after two days, claims Lindsay Connelly. Photo: Screenshot
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Went on strike

She claims that her husband was a bit grumpy this evening, and that’s when the sly comment came.

– “What’s up?” I asked. Then he made the comment that I didn’t do anything in the house.

Furthermore, she says that instead of protesting, she decided to go on strike.

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– Slipping away

Brian Donnelly tells Today.com that he and his wife have a strong relationship, and that is why he can get away with comments of this caliber.

He explains the comment by saying that he was frustrated, and directed his frustration at his wife.

When asked by the website if he regrets the comment, he replies this:

– I think “yes”.

Lindsay Donnelly says these are things that happen in a marriage, and that their house was spotless when she got home from the girls’ trip.

– He is a wonderful husband, she emphasizes.

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Say sorry

After the video went viral, Lindsay Donnelly has posted a new video – this time with her husband.

In the video, they sit next to each other and talk about the cleaning video that has caused the internet to both bubble and seethe.

– Sorry, TikTok, he says.

The article is in Norwegian

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