Farmen Farmen-Bente feels she has disappointed the fans:

On Sunday, Henrik Eijsink (26) went to the top in this year’s Farmen season.

The other two finalists, Andrea Marie Rosli (24) and Bente Rabba (54), had to settle for second and third place respectively.

The latter was clearly gray during the final party of Farmen at the Mesh pub in Oslo that same evening.

– I feel that I disappoint people, she said to the Good evening Norway reporter.

PALL PLACE: Farmen participant Bente Rabba (th) ended with third place in the autumn’s Farmen season. Pictured here with Andrea Marie Rosli, who took second place, and Farmen winner Henrik Eijsink. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Watch Rabba break down in tears during the final party in the video at the top of the story.

– Almost an expectation

Facing TV 2, Rabba speaks a few days after the tearful moment when she was down on behalf of the fans over third place.

– It was a little surprising. After I came out of Farmen, I received an enormous amount of messages and greetings from people that I was a viewer favorite and that people were cheering for me, so it was almost an expectation from people that I was going to land this, but I I have never said that I have won anything, she says.

– Violently overwhelming

When the day of the finals approached, my stomach knotted a little.

– I dreaded Sunday, because then everyone who cheered would find out that I didn’t actually win, and thus it became very emotional when it was shown on TV – and I knew that people knew.

The røldølingen continues:

– I keep the details to myself

– You can be happy yourself, and then you see that others are disappointed – and I know I have to put up with it, but I found it terribly overwhelming.

– No one watching The Farm wonders if I’m easily touched, because I am. So it was hard to feel that I had disappointed so many.

Watch the entire season of this year’s Farm on TV 2 Play.

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