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Traitor, Katarina Flatland | Declared war on the traitors – had to “pay with his life”

Traitor, Katarina Flatland | Declared war on the traitors – had to “pay with his life”
Traitor, Katarina Flatland | Declared war on the traitors – had to “pay with his life”

The game between the 16 remaining celebrity contestants in “Traitor” continues to escalate, and it’s only now that it turns out that the concept is really starting to hit their heads.

Last week it was TV profiles Hallvard Flatland (65) and Christer Falck (53) who had to leave the program and see themselves betrayed by their own loyalists.

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The former’s daughter, Katarina Flatland (33) – who can also be seen in the programme, reacted strongly when she realized that her father was not present. With that, she declared war on the traitors and promised to investigate each one until she found the culprits.

However, as she began to point fingers, she became a threat to the traitors, and eventually ended up being eliminated by the Chosen.

– I think it is a kind of compliment, that they want the Flatland family so strongly in this competition, she says in the episode.

Realized how important trust is

When Nettavisen met Flatland in connection with the press screening of the program earlier in September, she had no doubt that the experience was more demanding than she had imagined.

In addition, she did not hide the fact that she has realized how important trust in people is.

– As soon as you take away people’s trust and the opportunity to trust each other, life becomes incredibly tiring, she told Nettavisen.

When the 33-year-old returned home, it turned out that it would take up to three days before she was finally able to find peace and return to everyday life.

– It was only three days after I got home that I felt my nerves calm down and that I was able to trust people again without having to think twice, she said.

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Would join again

Despite a hectic life, Flatland has no doubt that she could have been involved again, and she emphasizes that the reality program checked off the points about reality that are suitable for her.

– I’ve been asked to take part in a lot of different reality shows throughout, but I thought this one sounded like a lot of fun, she said and added:

– I think it’s a lot of fun with this type of reality show, that it’s a competition and a game you have to get through.

In the end, she would have liked to have taken part again as she now feels she has a better understanding of the game and could lay out a clearer tactic with which she believes she would have reached further.

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