Tested reality show on own friends

These days, VGTV profile Mads Hansen (38) is current with both TV 2’s major venture Forræder, and the VGTV program Ikke lov å le på hytta.

He himself would like the programs to be more widespread.

– Now everything comes at the same time. Some might argue that there is too much Mads Hansen in the monitor. But it’s fun, there’s a lot going on, says Hansen, when he guested on Good Morning Norway on Friday.

When he was asked to lead Traitor, he had doubts about whether it was wise to accept.

– The farm is one of the biggest programs in Norway – an audience success. Most new programs flop after all, so it was like jumping out of a plane and betting I had a parachute, he says.

PROGRAM PRESIDENT: Mads Hansen thrives on pulling the strings as Forræder presenter. Photo: Ole-Martin Sandness

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Hansen had faith in the program, but found it difficult to choose between a solid program like Farmen, and something completely new.

– There is nothing crazy about cows, but I am more interested in the game – the social experiment. It was tempting.

Tested out the concept

Hansen does not hide the fact that he likes to be the one who pulls the strings. In his own birthday three years ago, he tested the concept on his own friends.

Being grilled by Christer Falck: – He likes to put me out

– I had invited 30 friends on a cabin trip in Trysil, in connection with my own birthday. We had team competitions – among other things, five people had to go on the same ski.

Being the calculated game master that he is, he had selected every team. What they did not know, however, was that he had also selected one traitor on each team.

– It’s quite difficult to ski when you’re going in the opposite direction, he says, laughing.

– As a final competition, I said: “Someone on your team has been trying to destroy you all day. Now you have to find out who.”

The atmosphere that arose on the cabin tour is quite similar to the one the participants experience in the council chamber every Friday, we believe Hansen.

A calling

There and then, Hansen says that the cabin trip was of the intense kind.

– There were also some who of course started swearing. There were also slightly different finances among the participants, so there were some who said: “I can pay NOK 10,000 if I am a traitor”. They made the rounds, and at last came to a poor student, who said, “I am a traitor.”

A suspicion is confirmed: – Quite sick

– He had to resign immediately. It was a sneaky way of finding out, he says, laughing.

When the question about the Traitor presenter came three years later, it almost felt like a calling.

Had been voted out

When Good morning Norway presenter Peter Bubresko (47) asks how Hansen would have done as a participant himself, he has a clear idea of ​​what would have happened.

– I think I would have liked it, but I would have been thrown on my head and kicked out early. I think I would have been voted out, regardless of whether I was loyal or a traitor, he says.

– People don’t trust youasks Bubresko.

Reveals bizarre experience: – I don’t feel it came across well enough

– When we have played similar board games or Among us, it is always: “Mads, he is a classic trickster. He is surely a traitor.” At least they don’t trust me in games, he explains.

Hansen thinks it would have been one or two nights in the game before he was sent home. That’s why it feels extra fun to be a presenter.

– In that sense, it’s good to be a presenter, because then I can be with you all the way.

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