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– Went very many rounds with Maiken before I accepted

– Went very many rounds with Maiken before I accepted
– Went very many rounds with Maiken before I accepted

He was only 19 years old when he entered the dance floor in “Shall we dance” for the first time, in autumn 2017.

That time, Cengiz Al (24) was beaten by Helene Olafsen (32) in the final, but when he is this year in the Allstars version of the TV 2 programme, he gets another chance to reach the top.

– It’s incredibly good to be able to dance again. I’m originally a dancer, but I haven’t danced professionally since I was in “Skal vi danse” seven years ago.

Cengiz says that he notices that the body is very ready to think creatively again.

– In the same way as when I take part in creating something creative in films and TV series, here it will be creating moments through dance, he smiles.

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SHOULD WE DANCE: Together with Rikke Lund, Cengiz hopes to beat his own second place from “Skal vi danse” in 2017 when he will now go out on the dance floor again.
Television 2

Actor in the NRK series “Shame”

Cengiz Al

Born: 9 October 1997

Age: 24 years

Occupation: Actor

Boyfriend: Maiken Blom

Children: Son Noor (2)

In 2017, Cengiz was a relatively unknown face to most Norwegians, but had made a name for himself nationally and internationally for his role in the popular NRK series “Shame”.

Through the “Skal vi danse” participation, however, the youngster became a big celebrity here at home, and in the wake of the TV success, offers began to flow in from the entertainment industry.

HELENE OLAFSEN: When Cengiz was last, Helene Olafsen drew the longest straw in the final.
Morten Bendiksen

– “Shall we dance” opened many doors for me. That led to me getting a new role as an actor, which in turn was the reason why I got the main role in “Three Nuts for Cinderella”.

– There is no hiding the fact that a program like “Shall we dance” makes more people open their eyes to you and discover you. It certainly helped me a lot on the way to all that I have achieved in the years since I joined. I would say it changed my life in many ways, he says.

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The Christmas movie “Three Nuts for Cinderella”

Cengiz has since played in the films “All foreigners have closed the curtains”, “The North Sea” and, as mentioned, the role of the prince in the blockbuster “Three Nuts to Cinderella”.

– A lot has happened since 2017, things I had not imagined. I have grown a lot in those years and have simply become more experienced in life. I have become a father, have a completely different understanding today and am even better able to work under pressure. In addition, I have understood how the media and driving in this industry work. Now I am more robust to cope better, he believes.

This autumn, the 24-year-old will be seen both on the dance floor and in TV 2’s new major venture “Forræder”.

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THREE NUTS FOR CINDERELLA: Last year saw the premiere of the blockbuster film “Three Nuts for Cinderella” in which Cengiz played the role of the prince. Pop star Astrid S played Cinderella, and the two developed a close friendship.
Nordic Film

Boyfriend Maiken Blom

In addition, he is recording a new TV series – while also being father to his son Noor (soon to be 2). Then it’s good that his girlfriend Maiken Blom (24) steps in on home turf.

– It will be a busy autumn, but we as a family are prepared for it. I went a lot of laps with Maiken. She encouraged me to accept “Shall we dance” and said: “Cengiz, you are a person who works very well under pressure and has a lot to do. You will achieve this”. Acting and dancing are really something I’m passionate about. Hopefully this year’s “Shall we dance” participation will make me even better.

FATHER OF TODDLER: In October 2020, Cengiz and Maiken became parents to their son Noor. The actor enjoys being a father, and hopes that his son will one day be proud of his hard work.

Cengiz is very appreciative of his small family, and says that his son is also a motivating factor in performing well as a dancer and actor.

– It’s incredibly nice to be a father. When it’s busy, it’s extra nice to get home to him and Maiken. If it’s late, he might sleep, but then I lie down next to him or get up with him and start kindergarten a little later in the day. It is very nice. I hope he will look back on this time and think: “It was cool that you did that, dad”, he smiles.

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