“Maskorama” – Responds to mysterious video clip

Although “Maskorama” fans still have to be patient before the premiere on October 15, some hints about the third season have started to emerge.

Before the Debate on NRK on Thursday evening, a cryptic promo clip for “Maskorama” rolled across the TV screen. Here you could see seven costumed figures walking through an airport.

However, it is not the first time the clip has been shown. A Twitter user noticed the snippet as early as September 16:

Missing one

Now NRK’s ​​press officer for the program confirms that these characters are this year’s participants.

– Yes, that’s right, says a tight-lipped Tonje Bergmo to Dagbladet.

However, Bergmo cannot give any details about what these are supposed to represent, as NRK wants to keep it a secret for a little longer.

But wait a moment… One mask is missing. There are usually eight participants in the program.

This is how the new “Maskorama” will be

– Bingo! Only seven masks are shown in the promo, but there are eight contestants. It is these little mysteries that make “Maskorama” so funny, Bergmo replies.

What is already known is that Silje Nordnes (37) has agreed to lead the guessing program this year as well. As usual, she is accompanied by her three faithful detectives Marion Ravn (38), Nicolay Ramm (33) and Jan Thomas (55).

THIRD SEASON: Both presenter Silje Nordnes and her three detectives Nicolay Ramm, Jan Thomas and Marion Ravn will be seen in the third season of Maskorama on NRK. Fredrik Arff/Fremantle/NRK
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New twist

In addition, NRK has announced that this year’s season will come with a new twist.

– It is the same wonderful and dedicated detective panel as in the previous two seasons, but I can also reveal that there will be a slight twist here. I can’t say more, because in “Maskorama” we keep our secrets tight, Bergmo told Dagbladet earlier this summer.

It is still the Swedish-Norwegian designer Kjell Nordström (59), formerly known as Baron von Bulldog, who is behind the participants’ costumes.

SMART: Didrik Solli-Tangen won Maskorama. Here he reveals how he has deceived many during the programme. Video: Morken/Helseth.
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– It is Kjell Nordström who creates the fantastic costumes in this season of “Maskorama” as well, and this year he will probably try to surpass himself, Bergmo told Dagbladet in July.

Last year it was Didrik Solli-Tangen who ran away with the victory, who hid inside the Snow Monster throughout the second season.

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