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Farmen-Maymona with a cunning plan – the reactions flow in

In Wednesday’s Farmen episode, Mohammed walks around with a barrel around his hand.

She says that she hurt her hand when she fell earlier in the day. None of the other contestants are allowed to see the injury, as Mohammed has bandaged it with some kind of fatle.

This means that several of the lessees, including Andrea Marie Rosli (24) and Hanne Mathea Friis (22), believe that the damage is purely fictional.

– We have a little trick here. Maymona injures herself just before the first champion election. She has previously had a urinary tract infection. Now she was wearing big shoes and her face was on a hill. She has put on a bandage that doesn’t provide any support or do anything. I wonder what will be next. There is a pattern here, says Friis in the episode.

DOESN’T HURT: She herself admits that her hand doesn’t hurt. Photo: TV 2

Reveals cunning plan

It turns out that her suspicions are correct, and that Mohammed is trying to trick everyone with the injury. When Mohammed is alone with a cameraman, she reveals the plan:

– I don’t want to say that my hand hurts a lot, but it fits very well in this situation that I tried. So now I take this opportunity to do two things. Number one: Not to hurt me even more. So I say it hurts like hell. Number two: I think I will be the first champion. I hope someone takes the “bag” because I’m injured, I’ll also win.

Sekken is the new dueling discipline at Farmen. Program leader Niklas Baarli (33) explains the exercise in the video below:

Got away

Since they cannot find out if the injury is real without seeming very insensitive, large farmer Rosli chooses to take Einar Lund (21) as the first fighter.

Lund himself expresses a desire to be chosen as first champion. But had he not signed up, then Mohammed would have been elected.

TV viewers have taken to social media such as Facebook and Jodel to comment on Mohammed’s injury stunt.

“Should have been Maymona. Absolutely pathetic how she’s doing in there now. What’s the point of signing up if you’re only going to make it more difficult for the other participants,” writes one.

Others defend the participant: “This is the funniest thing that has happened so far!”

Several also comment that the 26-year-old is simply playing the so-called game.

BANDAGE: The bandage around her hand has no effect. Photo: TV 2

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