TV 2: Bhatti internationally wanted

– We have issued an international wanted notice for a man charged with complicity in a terrorist act. The man is still at large, says Enoksen and emphasizes that the police believe the man is abroad, says police attorney Børge Enoksen at a press conference on Friday morning.

From before, the 43-year-old Zaniar Matapour has been arrested and charged with murder and terror in connection with the shooting.

Enoksen does not want to name the accused, but states that he is a Norwegian citizen in his 40s who is known to the police.

However, TV 2 learned shortly before the press conference that it is the Norwegian Islamist Arfan Bhatti who is wanted internationally.

PST confirms to Dagbladet that they are assisting the police in connection with the case.

ISLAMIST: According to TV 2, Arfan Bhatti is to be internationally wanted. Photo: John T. Pedersen / Dagbladet
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Elden: – No information

Matapour and Bhatti are not supposed to be close friends, but PST – which in recent years has followed the extreme Islamic environment closely – believes that Matapour has recently been in the environment where Arfan Bhatti is considered to be a leading figure.

Bhatti’s defender, John Christian Elden, does not want to comment on the case to TV 2.

– We have no information about this. He is in Pakistan at a known address. He has not heard anything from the police that they want contact, he writes in an e-mail to the channel.

– I cannot comment on any contact between them (between Matapour and Batthi editor’s note) as I do not know about it. Sounds impossible, since Matapour has been in isolation since 25 June, Elden writes further.

Dagbladet has tried to contact Elden for a comment, so far without success.

At the end of June, Dagbladet was informed that PST and the police were considering calling for Bhatti internationally. If the police believe that the investigation reveals that Bhatti has participated in and influenced Zaniar Matapour, who has already been imprisoned for terrorism, Bhatti risks up to 21 years in prison for psychological complicity in the attack.

DEFENDER: Arfan Bhatti with defender John Christian Elden. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB
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Does not rule out new charges

– Can you say where abroad you think the man is located?

– No, we do not wish to comment on that at this time. We have good cooperation with foreign authorities and hope we can locate and apprehend him. I do not want to comment on whether there is one or more countries we cooperate with, says Enoksen to Dagbladet.

Enoksen confirms that the man was internationally wanted on Friday.

The police prosecutor further stated that there are 260 victims in the case now, and that a total of 570 interviews have been carried out. Enoksen emphasizes that the police are still investigating the case broadly, and do not rule out more charges in the case.

CHARGED WITH TERROR: Zaniar Matapour (43) is charged with terrorism and murder. Photo: The police

CHARGED WITH TERROR: Zaniar Matapour (43) is charged with terrorism and murder. Photo: The police
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Denied questioning

It was on the night of 25 June that Rosenkrantz’ gate became the scene of a mass shooting, when several shots were fired at the pubs Per På Hjørnet and London Pub, the latter one of Oslo’s most famous queer pubs. Kåre Hesvik (60) and Jon Erik Isachsen (54) lost their lives and several people were injured.

Zaniar Matapour was arrested a short time later, charged with murder and terror. Matapour, who has so far refused to explain himself to the police, has been forcibly admitted to the regional security post at Haukeland University Hospital for judicial observation to determine whether he was sane at the time of the incident.

On Monday this week, the 43-year-old was remanded in custody for a further four weeks with a letter and visiting ban. He is kept in solitary confinement and denied access to the media until 3 October. In the ruling, the district court points out that there is still a lot of investigation in the case.

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