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Want to participate in this TV program:

Want to participate in this TV program:
Want to participate in this TV program:

Martine Lunde and Aleksander Sæterstøl have become a well-known couple for Norwegian TV viewers.

They met at “Paradise Hotel” in 2017, and have also been seen on programs such as “Sofa” and “Shall we dance”.

When the duo appear at the “Reality Awards”, Good Evening Norway’s reporter takes the opportunity to ask the couple which other reality TV program they would like to participate in.

– I could imagine joining Camp Culinaris, because I’m really bad at cooking. Then maybe I could get better at it, says Lunde.

Another reason

Sæterstøl agrees, but does not want to participate on the basis of getting better at cooking.

– I think it’s a lot of fun, but I don’t think the cooking itself is that much fun. I think the part where you live together in a cabin and are a group enjoying yourself is very good, he says and adds:

– Maybe it will be Camp Culinaris next year.

Won prize

Together, they were to present an award for “romance of the year” during the award ceremony, which took place at Fornebu.

The pair were themselves nominated in the category “duo of the year”, where they ended up running away with the victory.

Ahead of the award ceremony, Lunde said that the nomination itself was forgotten.

– We are here to enjoy ourselves and hand out prizes. We are also nominated in a category, but we have actually forgotten about it. This morning I realized that Aleks and I forgot to ask people to vote for us.

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