Chromecast with Google TV (HD)

A gadget we really liked when we tested it this summer was the new Chromecast with Google TV, which ended up with a full pot on DinSide’s dice:

TEST: Cheap and really good

The product was officially launched in Norway earlier this year, but has been on the market in the US and some other countries since autumn 2020.

New cheap version

The new Chromecast with Google TV (HD)which is being launched in 19 countries including Norway this week, has, so to speak, everything in common with big brother.

The only difference is that the maximum resolution here is 1080p (1920×1080 pixels), while the variant without (HD) in the product name has 4K resolution (3840×2160).

It can be an excellent case to buy for those who have an older TV without 4K resolution. It is highly likely that it does not have a particularly modern smart TV solution on board either. With one like this plugged into the TV, you suddenly have access to thousands of TV apps, including “everything” from streaming services.

Almost exactly the same

Besides the fact that the resolution is different, you also only get 1.5 GB of working memory on the HD version, which probably doesn’t play such a big role with a lower resolution. The HD version is also only available in white, while the 4K version is also available in orange and blue.

They both have support for HDR (Dolby Vision is only on the 4K version), both come with the same remote control and look exactly the same. And of course you can caste content to it (send wirelessly from mobile, tablet and PC), as you have been able to do on all Chromecast devices before.

Chromecast with Google TV (HD) gives you the same experience on the TV screen as the version with 4K and is controlled with an included remote control. Screenshot: Pål Joakim Pollen
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Little brother also has its own Google Assistant button that can be held down to give spoken commands, and it also has the option of controlling the TV (volume, channel change, etc.). If you have other smart devices in the house, such as light bulbs, surveillance cameras and the like, these can also be controlled by talking to this remote control, for example if you want to see the image from the camera in the children’s room on TV.

In other words, you can read the test of the 4K version to form an impression of how the HD version will be experienced in use.

Almost half price

In terms of price, the 4K version costs NOK 799 as a guide, while the HD version costs NOK 449, which is 44 percent cheaper.

During the summer, we have seen the 4K version on offer for just under NOK 600 in several stores, so it may well be that you will occasionally be able to get the HD version at least a hundred bucks cheaper in the future.

In the US, the retail price is $30 (plus sales tax, varies by state), which is actually lower than the $35 the very first Chromecast first sold for. Since then, the dollar has risen quite sharply, so here in Norway the HD version is more expensive than the first Chromecast unit was at launch.

For now, it is available to order from Google’s online store, but we assume that it will soon also appear in electronics stores around.

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