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Shall we dance participants react to judges’ comments

Shall we dance participants react to judges’ comments
Shall we dance participants react to judges’ comments

Last Saturday, it was Martine Lunde (26) who quit “Shall we dance: all stars”.

Following the exit, Lunde and his dance partner Tarjei Svalastog could reveal that they were not entirely satisfied with Saturday’s judge’s comments.

Criticizes the judges: – A lot of nonsense and nonsense

Now other “Shall we dance” participants are speaking out about what they think.

It was especially Morten Hegseth’s (36) feedback that did not go down well.

– Naturally to think of Barbie

– This was fun to watch. When I see you and Aleks, Martine, it’s natural to think of Barbie and Ken. And Barbie and Ken they are getting a feature film now with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead role, and Barbie she has been relevant for 63 years and in many ways Martine, you are this competition’s Barbie, said the judge and added:

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– You are popular with girls, you are beautiful and nice, but Barbie has remained relevant for many years because she has constantly changed her expression and way of communicating and somehow communicated in different ways. I want to see a bit more of that from you, because I see a bit of the same thing all the time. It will be very sweet. I also get a bit of a craving for salty potato chips.

Right after the exit was a fact, Dagbladet asked the professional dancer Svalastog how it felt to quit.

– I was going to live here forever

– Of course it’s very difficult, but someone has to get out and that’s how the game works. Today it was us. So that’s how it is, but I wish the others lots of luck. So I hope that the judges will judge dance in the future, and not judge what is sweet and what is salty and what is crunchy, but that they judge dance. I really hope so, so we’ll see, Svalastog told Dagbladet on Saturday.

Lunde has also expressed that she wanted a different type of feedback.

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– I know that Morten (Hegseth, journ.anm.) certainly didn’t mean anything negative by it, but it was probably more that I would have liked him to comment a little more on the dance, instead of the Barbie comments, which could sound like promotion for a new film, she told Dagbladet this week.

– Understood Martine

When Dagbladet was present during the press conference for “Skal vi danse” on Wednesday, several of the other dancers also expressed their thoughts.

The referee made a mistake on the live stream

Sexologist and influencer Iselin Guttormsen (35) has a great understanding that there will be reactions.

– I understand Martine very well, I understand the frustration. I understand that being compared to a Barbie is hurtful and it is in a way, in the eyes of many, degrading, she says and adds:

– No one wants to be a Barbie – such a blonde, stupid and delicious Barbie version of a human being.

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The 35-year-old believes that what they are wearing, as well as hair and make-up, are things that should not be commented on by the judges.

– It has nothing to do with the dance. So I understand very well that people react to it – I had done it myself.

Guttormsen realizes that she has had a similar experience. Hegseth criticized her at one point for her choice of shoes.

– There is nothing stronger and more raw than a woman in high heels. I think you should change those shoes and wear slightly higher heels, he said in program two.


– Became angry

– I got points on my shoes, I got angry, and getting points on one’s appearance, no, I support Martine and Tarjei in that.

The 35-year-old herself received good feedback on Saturday, and she is very pleased that they noticed her technique. Nevertheless, Guttormsen states that she does not always understand the judges.

– Some are told that there is far too much show and too little dancing, while others receive praise when there is very little dancing and a lot of show.

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– And these challenges we got last time, some got objects that had to be integrated into the dance, while others got messages – feelings they were supposed to convey – so sometimes you just think “hey, isn’t this a bit unfair”. But it will always be like that in all kinds of competitions. So I’ve stopped tearing my hair out and focusing on the judges. Because it makes me so damn grumpy when I think about how unfair it is sometimes. So I think we should just be well married, and dance and enjoy ourselves.

The nudes revealed a dangerous mole

– Danced really well

Kari Traa (48) is also supportive of Lunde and Svalastog.

– We get so many comments. There I thought Martine answered very well. She was given a task by them, and it was obvious that the dance turned out as it did, she danced very well – and she looked nice. She settled into the role. So I thought Martine answered well that they could perhaps consider the dance a little more than her appearance.

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– What do you think about the comments you get?

– I was quite happy now. It’s so nice to get off the floor and have a little more positive than negative from what you’ve gathered from the judges. After the previous dances, it probably wasn’t that much positive, they just pushed me into the shit – under the parquet, says Traa laughingly to Dagbladet.

– Must be fast

Jørgine Massa Vasstrand (33) apparently has more understanding of the comments coming from the judging panel.

Commenting on the kiss: – More of that

– I think it’s a bit like that that they have to be quite quick in their reply. They don’t always get to finish, things also get into their heads a bit. Then you start something that you feed on with, without perhaps it being exactly what they wanted to say.

The fitness influencer adds:

– So I think you can extract the things that are important for further development, so in a way it is another spice, either negative or positive.

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– Stomach splash

Dagbladet has been in contact with Hegseth, who admits that it was not his luckiest refereeing moment.

– The Barbie comment is by no means my strongest quote and ended in a kind of stomach slap for my own intelligence, so I take that criticism. If people are wondering what the atmosphere between Martine and I is like now, then just watch the talk show “Harm og Hegseth” on VGTV on Friday where Martine is a guest with Axel Bøyum. There, Martine gets to say what she thinks about the Barbie comment, I explain what I really thought and a lot of other fun happens.

Refuse to answer this

Trine Dehli Cleve (61) emphasizes to Dagbladet that she is not involved in the feedback referred to.

– I used my allotted time to talk about Martine’s dance and fine footwork and also expressed that I did not understand Morten’s comment about salty potato chips in a slowfox, says Dehli Cleve and adds:

– I always try to comment on the dance. What my colleagues spend their time talking about is their assessment.

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– Not educators

Merete Mørk Lingjærde (60) points out to Dagbladet that you should remember that the judges have 15-20 seconds to talk.

– There is also a difference between speaking first and last – and we are working on a live programme, says Mørk Lingjærde and adds:

– In this role, we are judges, not educators, the dancers know that. We have talked to them about that.

– Do some silly things

She believes that they would have needed at least 30 minutes if they were to give proper, explanatory feedback.

– But we do our best.

– I can sometimes push things a bit, I do, but I want the best for them, says the judge to Dagbladet.

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