That’s why he keeps his girlfriend a secret

One of those who have remained at the top of the points list in this year’s Skal vi danse: all-stars season is NRK P3 radio host Nathan “Nate” Kahungu (26). He has mastered genre after genre, while the judges cheer.

Now he lifts the veil that there is someone waiting for him at home when the lights go out on the dance floor in the evening…

– Otherwise it wouldn’t have been fun to join

TOP OF THE LIST: Nate Kahungu has remained stable among the top of the list, together with professional dancer Nadya Khamitskaya. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2

He also says that he has finally started to relax a little on the dance floor, as he has become a little warm in his shirt:

– You are quite tense at the start, and you think that you have to present yourself in the best possible way. But the thing about dance is that you not only have to know the techniques, but you also have to enjoy yourself. You can see very quickly if someone has only learned step – versus if someone has learned the dance, he tells TV 2 just before going into training with his partner, Nadya Khamitskaya (39).

– I think I will probably focus on dance the next few weeks. Of course, the steps have to be in place for the dance to be there, but I have to have the joy of dancing there – because otherwise it wouldn’t have been fun to participate.

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He explains that the biggest reason he agreed to take part in this star season is because he wanted to become a better dancer. But also to have fun, of course.

Lightens the veil about the lover

The radio profile also recently revealed that he is no longer single, and does not hide that this helps him in the competition:

– There is a reason why the joy of dancing is there! It’s because everything else in life is also quite “chill”, so I’m happy. It’s been going on long enough for me to be happy.

– How did you meet?

– I don’t remember, ass. No.. I remember it. It was through mutual friends, he reveals with a laugh.

Nevertheless, he has kept her identity a secret – so secret that she doesn’t even stand there in the audience every Saturday. He explains that it is to spare her, namely for one specific reason.

– The reason why she is being kept anonymous is because she is not a public figure. She has not chosen to be public, so I choose to respect that.

Previously injured during training

DANCE PARTNERS: Nate Nahungu dances with Nadya Khamitskaya. Photo: Photo: TV 2 / Fredrik Arff

There was a dramatic atmosphere when it was revealed earlier in the season that Kahungu had suffered a concussion just before broadcast, and was told by the doctors to keep calm.

Still, that didn’t stop him from performing on the floor the next day. He says that things are better today, but does not hide that he still uses it as an excuse:

– I choose to use that excuse still. I think it’s gone now, but sometimes I’m just like, “Oh, my head” and “I’m dizzy,” just to get extra benefits. I get my own room at the H3 Arena, get to be more to myself, and skip all the tests. But it’s going well now, he jokes.

– So you use that excuse with Nadya, too?

– No, not with Nadya – are you crazy?! There are no excuses with her. After all, I danced the same week I had a concussion, so I won’t escape! But Nadya was the one who looked after me a lot when I was injured, and it was important to her that my health came first.

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