Cathrine Fossum becomes deputy program manager in Good Morning Norway

Cathrine Fossum has on several occasions stepped in as a substitute presenter for Good Morning Norway.

Now there is again a need for help in the popular morning programme. For the permanent presenter Desta Marie Beeder (34) will continue with another project until the spring.

– I’ll be there at least for the rest of the year and I’m really looking forward to it. I have previously been both a permanent presenter and substitute in Good Morning Norway, so it feels like home, says Fossum to TV 2.

SUBSTITUTE: Cathrine Fossum will return to Good Morning Norway as substitute presenter. Photo: TV 2/ Good morning Norway

– Safe to come back

Fossum has worked with several of the presenters for years, and has only positive words to say about them. She says the same about the rest of the editorial staff.

– It will be safe to come back. Good morning Norway, life is packaged in a program in a way, says Fossum.

While Beeder is away, she is confident that Fossum is the one who will act as a substitute for her.

– I have worked with Cathrine for longer periods, and she is a fantastic colleague in addition to being one of the country’s best presenters. So I will relax completely knowing that the Good Morning Norway broadcasts are in the very best hands, says Beeder to TV 2.

A person or B person?

Beeder is back again in Good Morning Norway from March 2023.

– I am back with the migratory birds in early spring. Then it has also become brighter and a little easier to get up at 03:40, says Beeder.

The presenters start work at around 05 in the morning. Then it’s not exactly stupid to be an A person. But Fossum says that no matter how tired and tired you are, there is a good atmosphere.

– I’m used to turning the clock around and having no circadian rhythm, so this should go well. It is also a gift to start the day with the wonderful colleagues, she says.

Everything from heavy matters to entertainment

Editor-in-chief Sissel Randsborg in Good Morning Norway is very pleased with the replacement.

BACK: Fossum has been the presenter of Good Morning Norway several times. Here the presenters are pictured in 2016. Photo: TV 2

– Cathrine is a brilliant substitute presenter when Desta takes a short break. Cathrine handles everything from heavy journalistic matters to entertainment matters with humor, and she is good at meeting people in all phases of life.

– These are important qualities as a presenter in Good Morning Norway – in addition to having to be cheerful at 5 in the morning when the work session begins, says Randsborg.

Currently in reality show

Fossum has had several different roles in TV 2. She helped start up the Nyhetskanalen and has worked as a presenter in Good Morning Norway and Åsted Norway, among others.

This autumn, she has been given a completely different role. She is currently a participant in the entertainment program Forræder.

DIFFERENT ROLES: Cathrine Fossum has had several different roles in TV 2. In the picture, Fossum worked with choices. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

DIFFERENT ROLES: Cathrine Fossum has had several different roles in TV 2. In the picture, Fossum worked with choices. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

– I hoped that I wouldn’t end up in the reality bubble that everyone is talking about, but I did. It became so real for me, and it surprisingly only took one hour before I ended up in that bubble, she told TV 2 with a laugh.

– I have heard so much about that bubble, and it existed to the highest degree for me. In my job, I am mostly used to working with live TV. I have the most experience there, and you always have control. But being part of something where you have to give up control; it was challenging.

Fossum now says that she is looking forward to just being herself in safe surroundings in the morning programme. Because even though the Traitor participation was fun, she describes it as intense.

The article is in Norwegian

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