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DANCE COUPLE: Katrine Moholt and Egor Filipenko on the floor three weeks ago. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Katrine Moholt’s dance partner Egor Filipenko is injured and puts in the years.


Updated just now

TV 2 reports in a press release on Thursday that Filipenko (34) has to give up in “Shall we dance: all stars” due to neck prolapse.

– This was the last thing I wanted, but unfortunately it no longer worked, says Filipenko in the announcement.

In consultation with the doctor and support staff, Filipenko has taken the difficult decision that he cannot continue dancing with Katrine Moholt (49) in this year’s “Shall we dance: all stars”, says the message from the TV channel.

– I am not a person who gives up, and have really done everything I could to continue dancing with Katrine, but since Thursday last week I have been in constant pain, says Filipenko.

He wishes Katrine and her new dance partner, Tarjei Svalastog (23), lots of luck.

– I will be sitting in the hall and cheering them on on Saturday, says Filipenko.

Svalastog thus did not get a long break from the parquet. He has previously danced with Martine Lunde (26), who smoke out last saturday.

Katrine Moholt thinks it is terribly sad that Filipenko is injured and thus out of the dance.

– We have trained for hours every day for eight weeks together, she says in the press release.

– Egor has been a wonderful teacher and friend, whom I am very fond of. I wish him a very good recovery and hope he recovers quickly, she adds.

Moholt is happy that Svalastog is stepping in at short notice.

– It will be exciting for both of us to find chemistry and be dancing together in just a few days. Tarjei is raw, so I have faith, she says.

Moholt and Filipenko ended up in the infamous dance duel last Saturday – and then fought precisely against Lunder and Svalastog.

SHORT INTERACTION: Katrine Moholt and Egor Filipenko. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

TV 2 also regrets that Filipenko, who has been both a dance instructor and judge for several seasons, has to give up.

– But it was not prudent for him to continue. His health naturally comes first, and the most important thing is that he will now be completely well again. We want to thank Egor for his fantastic efforts, and wish him a speedy recovery, says TV 2’s program editor, Kathrine Haldorsen.

The article is in Norwegian

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