Smoke out of the croft

The Torpet trio, consisting of funeral agent Dagny Vartdal (50), bus driver and TikTok star Robert Michael Scott (55) and Bjørn-Egil Mogenstad (44), waited anxiously for the next grant from Farmen.

Communications advisor Lasse Fredheim (26) had to see himself beaten by police officer Hashar Aziz (34) in a milk pail at Farmen. Although the motivation was so-so, the lively Haugesunder was determined to give Torpet a chance.

However, the small homestead can only accommodate three people, which meant that Fredheim once again had to go into battle against one of the Torpet participants.

Changed decision

Initially, the trio agreed that Robert Michael Scott would take the fight. But because Bjørn-Egil Mogenstad considered his chances of winning the match greater, he chose to take one for the team.

Defying his greatest fear

– I had a great time with the gang. We had some nice days, and it was really fun. That was the attitude I had when I went to the camera crew on match day. My assessment was that now I should give everything in the fight and win, he says when TV 2 calls.

Fredheim and Mogenstad competed in sawing. The latter admits that he probably said half the machine.

SAWING: The two participants met each other in sawing. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

– It went slowly. I didn’t let him get ahead of me. Even though I lost, I was very happy.

See the intense duel at the top of the story.

Kept something secret

The Bergen native was surprised that he was happy, despite the loss. Earlier in the day, the setting was completely different.

NOT MISSING FAMILY: Mogenstad states that the stay exceeded all expectations. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

NOT MISSING FAMILY: Mogenstad states that the stay exceeded all expectations. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

– I started thinking about how many weeks were left until the Farm. It felt like I’d been there so long, then I thought, “Damn, am I going to push for another six weeks here? It will be an incredibly long race.” That thought settled down a bit. I felt that the rest of the day, towards the match. Unfortunately, I regret it a bit now, but I think Lasse would have won the match anyway, points out Mogenstad.

The stay at Torpet exceeded all expectations. Mogenstad missed neither children, family nor friends. As the match approached, he began to think about his 2022 existence.

– The worst that can happen is that I lose, and then you’re back in 2022. That’s not so bad. The setting helped shape the duel.

He kept his thoughts a secret from Scott and Vartdal. If he had told them about the attitude towards the match, they would have prepared him.

– That was the reason why I kept my thoughts to myself, because I just wanted to enjoy the last day, he admits.

Broke barriers

When Mogenstad took part in Farmen in 2014, the challenges lined up. When he chose to accept Torpet, he wanted to break the barriers that held him back in everyday life.

Flees from the “golden shower” – keeps throwing up

– I was prepared that it might be tough, but I managed to take steps. I managed to make it outside, even though I threw up right outside. It worked for me, but the others had to walk past my piles of vomit, he says.

It wasn’t just the outdoors that was a challenge for Mogenstad. Toads and frogs, in addition to large animals, were also something he feared. Finally he had to grit his teeth.

– I was able to accomplish much of what I envisioned. I did the milking. It was exceptionally gross the first few times – just being around. They are not very beautiful animals. Feces hang far down their tails and legs. Eventually I managed to get into the booth. Wrapping around the udder was very disgusting, but I did it and now I am able to carry it out.

Here Rob meets his biggest fan

Whether there will be more milkings at Mogenstand is unlikely.

The 44-year-old appreciates the Torpet experience, which he experienced as much more positive than the last time he was at the Farm. He will also take some lessons with him in his luggage when he returns in 2022.

– I will make sure that I don’t fall into old patterns again… Be a little more free. I’m actually quite fond of walking in the mountains, but I can’t in the summer because there are toads there. It would have been nice to take a trip on Ulriken when it’s summer and the weather is nice, he says, laughing.

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