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Ten Norwegian celebrities are currently fighting to become “Norway’s toughest celebrity” in the reality program “71 degrees north”. The trip from Lindesnes to Svalbard is well under way and so far the celebrities have had to prepare themselves for a number of demanding challenges out in nature.

This week the gang will get to test out a cooler climate, when the two teams set out on an expedition over the Folgefonna glacier.

However, the expedition is not without drama, and presents a number of challenges for some of the participants. Influencer Fetisha Williams (28) gets to experience it in particular. Much to her displeasure, large parts of the stage will take place on skis, something the 28-year-old is not a particularly big fan of.

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Was afraid to die

The 28-year-old still sets out, but it is not just a lack of skiing skills that will be challenging for Williams during the stage. Lacking food and drink, the body finally says stop, and Williams collapses on the glacier as a storm brews.

– “Get the hell out of here!” I thought. “Is it worth it?” says Williams to Nettavisen.

However, the skiing problem was to prove to be only the beginning of a very challenging and dramatic expedition. The weather conditions on the glacier kept getting worse, and the idea of ​​completing the stage became a bigger and bigger challenge for the 28-year-old. In the end, Williams saw no other option than to throw in the towel and withdraw from the stage.

– The weather conditions were very dystopian and I was very scared. I thought, “Oh my God, how am I going to get back?” she says.

– I don’t think I even froze because I was so stressed. It was one of the worst things I’ve come across. I was definitely scared to death, she adds.

Had to take action

The dramatic stage will not only be a challenge for Williams, but also the other participants.

The weather got worse and worse for the participants, and in Thursday’s episode of “71 degrees north” the production finally has to intervene. The security team believes it is too big a risk to continue in the snowstorm, and cancels the expedition.

– Safety always comes first in “71 degrees north”, and when the weather on Folgefonna was the way it was, it was not safe to continue the stage, says Discovery’s press officer, Marianne Aambø, to Nettavisen.

Here, the participants receive the final message about the dramatic expedition:

Took it in stride

Although the expedition appears very dramatic on the TV screen, not all the participants agree with Williams about how dramatic it is actual our. Comedian Vegard Ylvisåker (43) has a slightly different view of the expedition than his teammate.

He took it all with crushing calm, because he was able to use some tricks from his training as a commercial pilot. Ylvisåker is trained in navigating with instruments in clouds.

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To this day, Ylvisåker agrees that it was the right decision to cancel the stage at Folgefonna, and admits to Nettavisen that it was a scary situation at times.

– I have been in much worse weather than that, but the surrounding circumstances made it scary. We went out towards a 600 meter high cliff, and we could barely see each other. When you can’t see more than 30 meters in front of you in an area with a lot of cliffs, it’s a bit awkward.

According to Ylvisåker, the participants were by no means trapped in a blizzard, but rather in an area with a lot of clouds. He explains that when the humidity in the air becomes too cold, it can feel as if you are standing in a blizzard.

– Either it will be white or the sky will be blue, but you never know when there is unstable air. What would have been scary is if there were blue skies, but then you get closer to the edge and so if the weather is bad. That’s when it gets scary.

– Could it have been more dramatic than it was?

– Yes, I would say that, he concludes.

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