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“PETTER AND THE SURVIVORS”: Opened up about serious intimate partner violence

Imagine having to look over your shoulder – wherever you go. Whether it’s in broad daylight, or whether it’s in the darkest alleyways.

That is the everyday life of Kine Pedersen (30).

In the TV 2 documentary series “Petter and the survivors”, viewers get an insight into how she lives with the aftermath of the violence, and how those around her did not know a hint of what happened behind closed doors.

Now she can win the prize.

DOCUMENTARY SERIES: Pedersen is one of the four survivors we meet in the series. Photo: Magne Sandnes


The whole of Norway was shaken when Pedersen first came forward with his story in 2018 – at that time anonymously.

She said, among other things, that she had been used as a test dummy, after her partner had seen videos of martial arts techniques. In addition, he was convicted of serious violence and 190 rapes against her.

– Sharing my story for the whole of Norway has been tough, but it has also made a lot of sense. The first interview I did was anonymous, but when I saw the inquiries that came in, I chose to come forward with my name, she says at the pre-premiere of “Petter and the survivors”, and adds:

– When I have seen how many people have written and contacted since then, it has been worth it, even if it is tough.

Need someone to talk to?

The helpline is Mental Health’s free 24-hour telephone service for anyone who needs someone to talk to. You can remain anonymous and we are bound by confidentiality.

Call: 116 123

The phone is open around the clock, every day, all year round.

In the documentary series, she is one of the four profiles who open up about being a survivor – each with their own stories.

Watch when Kine Pedersen talked about life at home in the video at the top of the story.

The man in his 30s was sentenced to 13 years in prison for torture and violence against two women, one of whom was Pedersen. She has experienced violence, which the court described as torture-like, and that he had also threatened to prey on her siblings.

Kine’s ex-boyfriend received 13 years in prison for serious violence and rape

That was her reality for over a year.

– The events that happened to me still affect me today. Although I am doing very well, I have periods when it is more difficult – for example when he is on leave. You have a fear, and you always look over your shoulder, she says.

– My goal with participating in “Peter and the survivors” is to spread hope to other vulnerable people, and that things can go well. One can get on with life, and I want to spread information about a difficult topic that very few people know much about.

Nominated for an award

NOMINATED FOR AWARD: Now she is nominated for the Jenteprisen 2022. Photo: Magne Sandnes

NOMINATED FOR AWARD: Now she is nominated for the Jenteprisen 2022. Photo: Magne Sandnes

Pedersen has started the low-threshold offer “You don’t own me”, which focuses on helping people who have experienced violence or sexual abuse in a close relationship.

She will use her personally experienced events in meetings with other trauma survivors who need inspiration and help to find a way out.

– Talk to someone, whether it’s a friend, the doctor, me or “You don’t own me”. Just being able to say it out loud means that you properly understand the extent of what you are going through, and I think you will feel a sense of security by telling. It’s much easier and you have someone around you to go with.

Pedersen has now been nominated for the Girl Prize 2022, which is awarded on the UN International Day of the Girl on 11 October by Plan International Norway and Costume.

Petter Nyquist on new TV documentary: – Will create hope

The award goes to a person, organization or company in Norway that has made an extra effort for equality and the work to stop discrimination, violence and abuse against girls.

– It is an honor to be nominated. I was only put off when I saw the nomination, and moved – not least, she tells TV 2 and adds:

– I hope it sends out a signal that it is okay to speak out, and that there is no shame, but quite the opposite. It is incredibly good how Plan Norge and Costume focus on girls’ safety, and when you look at the statistics in Norway – you see that it is not a matter of course. It’s great to stand there with other people who are making an effort for girls’ safety.

Watch “Peter and the survivors” every Thursday on TV 2 and TV 2 Play.

The article is in Norwegian

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