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– I will make a statement after the tournament. Probably on Monday or sometime early next week, says Magnus Carlsen in TV 2’s chess broadcast.

The drama surrounding Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann in the Champions Chess Tour is by no means over. Many thought we had reached the climax when the world number one retired after only one move against Niemann, accused of cheating, on Monday this week.

But on Wednesday evening, Carlsen took the magazine out of his mouth and spoke for the first time about the noise.

– People can draw their own conclusions

When asked by TV 2’s expert Jon Ludvig Hammer whether Carlsen thinks Niemann is a cheater, the Norwegian replies:

I would like to say more now about different things, but I will have to wait a bit and then I will try to focus on the tournament.

WORLD SENIORS: Magnus Carlsen is wreaking havoc in the Champions Chess Tour.


The 31-year-old had given notice ahead of the tournament that he did not want to do interviews with the media. Many were therefore surprised that Carlsen suddenly sat in the chair and was ready to answer questions.

The chess star took his time to talk and seemed to be in good spirits. He admits to TV 2 that the situation is very special.

– I understand very well that the current situation is unfortunate for many, says the world number one.

Carlsen, who has just finished the basic game in the Champions Chess Tour, has also spoken to the chess website Chess24. There he was asked why he lost on purpose against Niemann.

– I can’t say anything about that. But people can draw their own conclusions, and they definitely have. And I must say that I am very impressed by Niemann’s playing. I think that his mentor must have done a very good job, says Carlsen.

EXPERT: Tarjei Svensen writes for Chess24 and has followed Magnus Carlsen for a number of years.

Photo: Mads Nyborg Støstad / NRK

– Not afraid to say what he thinks

Chess expert Tarjei Svensen appreciates that the chess star is finally talking to the media.

– I think it was very positive that he broke his silence, even if he didn’t give much about exactly what people are wondering about, says Svensen.

– Carlsen says he will say more after the tournament. Do you think he will make any revelations?

– It will surprise me in that case, but he has shown that he is not very afraid to say what he thinks. There are not many cases where Carlsen has kept his cards so close to his chest until now, but then it is also probably the first time that the consequences are so great if he does not do so, replies Svensen, who works for Chess24.

Withdrew from major tournament

The background for the enormous interest surrounding Carlsen and Niemann arose two weeks ago when the Norwegian abruptly withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup in the USA after suffering a shock loss against Niemann.

Afterwards, Carlsen published a Twitter message, which several have interpreted as an accusation of cheating against the American. The 19-year-old has subsequently admitted to having cheated on two occasions as a 12- and 16-year-old, but denies that he did it after that – also in the meeting with Carlsen.

The situation between them peaked when this week Carlsen lost a game on purpose after just one move when they met in the Champions Chess Tour.

Major player – ready for the quarter-finals

Despite the row with Niemann, the world number one is wreaking havoc in the Champions Chess Tour and is through to the playoffs. Carlsen has ten wins, four draws and one loss after the regular season.

Niemann is also ready for the quarter-finals of the online tournament, but will not meet Carlsen in the quarter-finals – as many in the chess world had hoped for.

However, they can meet each other in a final.

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