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The hunt for love: The hunt-Tormod clung to suitors:

The hunt for love: The hunt-Tormod clung to suitors:
The hunt for love: The hunt-Tormod clung to suitors:

Some of the farmers and their suitors in The Hunt for Love are feeling a little tingly at the moment.

In Monday’s episode, the first kiss of the season occurs, when suitor Atle Hoff (52) steals a kiss from Jakten farmer Tormod Bakke Johnsen (61) at the kitchen counter in Halden.

Johnsen stands unsuspectingly in front of the sink, before Hoff sneaks up behind him, and sees his intention to embrace the farmer with a small kiss on the cheek and mouth.

All this takes place while suitor Sverre Bratli (58) is in the same room.

KISS AND HUG: Suitor Atle Hoff sneaked the season’s first kiss on the mouth with Jakten farmer Tormod Bakke Johnsen during Monday’s episode of Jakten på kjellienen. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

Watch the first season kiss in the video at the top of the story.

– I snuck a kiss in the kitchen. It was very … delicious, simply! says the suitor laughingly to the camera afterwards.

– Surprised

When TV 2 calls to hear more about the kiss, Johnsen admits that the caress came a bit out of the blue, but that he didn’t mind.

– I was caught a bit in bed. I was surprised. I wasn’t quite prepared for it to come then. It is a nice initiative. It’s good that he’s trying, he laughs through the tube.

The farmer thought it was positive that Hoff was as forward as he was.

– I would like them to show themselves off, he says.

The 61-year-old further shares that he already felt at that time that something was happening in his body – despite the fact that he had not known Hoff for that long.

Jakten-Janne: – Why do you want me so badly?

– It’s irritating. There is a bit of tension around it, because you are in the bubble. You are in a mode where you are susceptible to such things.

However, the suitor’s thrusts took all the attention of the farmer, who did not realize that there were more people in the room.

– I haven’t realized that, he says.

– Felt right

For his part, Atle Hoff explains that he would like to get to know Johnsen even better. The suitor followed his impulses, and thus went for the kiss.

– Right then and there it felt right to try a little kiss – feel it a little. It wasn’t planned. It felt like he felt it might be right. The goal was to get to know Tormod and take experiences along the way, and take things as they come.

Kisset describes the 52-year-old as “exciting” and “bold”. He could feel his heart beating a little extra around the farmer.

Reveals what went wrong on the date with the Jakten farmer

– You are in the middle of the whole and the presence, so there was tingling and curiosity to see what could be.

Nor did the suitor notice the other suitor, Sverre Bratli.

– No, right then and there I didn’t think about it.

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The article is in Norwegian

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