Wears black: – A shock every time

Wears black: – A shock every time
Wears black: – A shock every time

– It will be a bit good to be done with this, says Kira and smiles.

Two days before she is the only girl to fight for victory in “The Voice” final, she meets TV 2 within the safe fortress walls of the Old Town at home in Fredrikstad.

– I can definitely feel the nerves. I’m not directly scared, but very nervous. Because there are many people watching.

For Friday tacos, around 800,000 viewers every Friday have been able to experience the 19-year-old excelling with songs such as “Hold me closer”, “Love on the brain” and “Tattoo”.

FINALISTS: Kira on stage with the other three finalists: Thomas Tvedt, Isak Øvrevold and Fredrik Amadeus Sannerud. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

When she paid tribute to her family in Finnmark with the classic “E du nord”, she made her mentor Espen Lind cry live.

She herself tends to wear all black after appearing on “The Voice” stage.

– It’s a shock every time I leave. I always think: “What did I just do?”. After I sang “E du nord”, there were a lot of emotions. I started laughing and everything, because it was so much.

Kira sits in a green summer dress and sips a coffee latte in the sun. She has time off from high school and her part-time job at the Power store chain, and is trying to relax before rehearsals, sound checks and the final show at the H3 Arena in Fornebu.

– It would have been great fun to win, but the three boys I sing against are really good. I hope it goes well for all of us, but of course it would have been fun to be the third girl to win “The Voice”.

ON HOME TRACK: Kira tries to relax completely in the Old Town at home in Fredrikstad before the sound tests and final show at H3 Arena break loose. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

– Known for outsiders

According to the parents, vocalist Renée Dalan and saxophonist Gard Eriksen, the daughter started singing before she could speak. She had her first performance as a three-year-old at a garden party in her childhood home.

– I didn’t stand up outside where the “stage” was, but behind the window. I thought it was scary, so I rather stood inside and sang, she says.

In safer surroundings, in the kindergarten, however, she stood on the table and sang “English” at the top of her lungs. But as the years went by, the passion for the music also became a big problem. For her peers, it did not go down well that Kira wanted to focus on music.

STARTED EARLY: – Singing is something I have always done, because it has been such a big part of my upbringing through the fact that my mum and dad are musicians, says Kira. Photo: Private

– It’s this Jantelaw, then. You should not think you are anything. There were a number of comments that affected me quite a lot, and actually still affect me. I’m not too happy to go so deeply into this particular thing. But it was partly because of the music that I wanted to do it. I felt outside, and didn’t quite find my place, she says quietly.

– It was bullying, and it went on for a long time. From the third grade to the middle of the tenth grade. I ended up doubting myself, thinking I wasn’t good enough when it came to music.

Kira no longer dared to say out loud that she dreamed of making a living from music.

BAD YEARS: In primary and secondary school, Kira felt like an outsider. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

– Thinking or trying to achieve something that is really something to strive for, could seem like me believed that I could make it happen. It was about the way I perceived that I wanted to appear myself, which simply made me very afraid to go that way.

More confidence

After more or less hiding her dream for many years, she braved her fears when she signed up for “The Voice” last year. When all four mentors turned around during her blind audition, something came alive inside her – with new power.

– I have gained more self-confidence, and feel that it is more accepted for myself that I should try to invest in music. Because now I’ve done it so publicly, in front of so many people. When it is now actually a reality, I dare to say out loud that: “This is what I want”.

EXCITED: – I’m so excited, and feel like I’ve been running a marathon for the whole of May – ever since the live broadcasts started, says Kira’s mum Renée. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

The mother, Renée, is there when TV 2 meets “The Voice” finalist in Fredrikstad. She says that she has seen a big change in her daughter after she dared to join the programme.

– It is very clear to look at her that Kira has gained her self-confidence. It was probably a bit difficult for a number of years. In primary and secondary school in particular, there was a lot that was not right. I think she has wanted to sign up for “The Voice” for many years, but she hasn’t had the chance. I think she has been nervous about getting more negative comments. But this has only worked the opposite way.

The mother smiles touched.

– As a mother, it is good to see that she is safe now, and safer than she was. She is a little warrior, and that warrior is only getting stronger now, she says.

Uses the experiences

The fact that Kira makes both Espen Lind – and thousands of TV viewers – cry from her performances shows that she is in good touch with her own emotional register when she conveys the songs.

– Even though I am only 19 years old, I have life experiences from which I can draw something. I can bring out emotions, and manage to use these experiences in the music. What I have experienced has helped shape who I am today, and I am very happy with the person I am now. It was painful, but I have managed to develop because of it, she believes.

Newfound confidence does not help, however hero when it comes to the nerves when Kira takes the stage at the H3 Arena.

– While I stand and sing, I usually make sure that I keep my legs in check, so that I don’t stand and tremble too much. It’s actually what I think about the most, especially if I’m wearing high heels. I don’t want to twist my ankle and stare at the TV because of tremors. It’s an adrenaline rush from another world, she says, laughing.

NEW POWER: Kira believes that participating in “The Voice” has increased her self-confidence. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

Opens doors

That the 19-year-old is now in the final of “The Voice”, she had never imagined when she signed up last year. She thinks that is a victory in itself.

– Every time I’ve thought: “Now I’m going to break out”. I have prepared for the worst. When I went further, I was pleasantly surprised. I plan to have this mindset now as well.

Kira has already come much further in the competition than last year’s “The Voice” contestant Alessandra Mele, who made a big impression in the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month. Which shows that the program fosters stars – regardless of victory.

– “The Voice” opens up a whole new world of possibilities. No matter what comes my way now, if it’s something I stand for, I won’t say “no” to it. It is important to grasp the opportunities when they come.

Watch “The Voice” on Friday at 20:00 on TV 2 Direkte, and whenever you want on TV 2 Play.

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