Nio vs Audi – Will not accept the claim from Audi:

Nio vs Audi – Will not accept the claim from Audi:
Nio vs Audi – Will not accept the claim from Audi:

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(Elbil24): If we say S6 and S8, most people will think of Audi, but what if we say ES6 and ES8?

The German manufacturer has believed since 2021 that these two Nio models have too similar a name to Audi’s models, and now the regional court in Munich has confirmed that Audi is right. The judge also believes that the ES6 and ES8 from Nio can sound like electric versions of the S6 and S8 from Audi.

Updated 24 January: Nio has appealed the sentence. Read more further down.

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Can confuse

– There is a risk that consumers will assume that the “ES6” is the “S6” in electric version, that the two vehicles are from the same manufacturer. There is therefore a risk of transfer of confusion through association that goes beyond mere association (our translation), says a statement from the judge.

AUTOMATIC: In the video above, you can see how robots change the battery on a Nio ES8 within a few minutes. Video: Nine
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The court has therefore decided that the Chinese manufacturer may not advertise the ES6 and ES8 in Germany. Violation of this can result in a fine of 250,000 euros (2.7 million kroner) for the company and up to six months in prison for the German Nio boss.

ES7 => EL7

The two cars have not been launched in Germany yet. Here in Norway we have the SUV ES8, but the smaller SUV, which in many countries is called ES7, has been named EL7 – a name change that is far from impossible due to the dispute with Audi. This will be Nio’s third model in Norway and has just arrived in the country, according to Bil24.

Nio has not yet decided whether they will appeal the case, reports Electrek.

Update 24 January: According to German Automobilwoche (subscription required), Nio decided on Monday to appeal the verdict. They believe that the verdict is wrong, and their most important point is that everyone who buys a car informs themselves in advance – on the internet, through brochures, articles in trade magazines and so on.

– No one randomly chooses a Nio SUV when they want an Audi S sedan and vice versa, Vice President Hui Zhang of the Nio Group points out to the website. Audi has not commented on the development to Automobilwoche.

The article is in Norwegian

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