Halfvarsson rages after the counter: – Idiots!

Calle Halfvarsson took third place at the start of Sunday’s pursuit, but after the race the Swede was disqualified by the jury for going off track on the last downhill before the finish.

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The Swede reacts strongly to the decision and comes out harshly against the jury of the Swedish press.

– There were very strange discussions, and when I left the jury room, they were grinning. I don’t quite know what they are doing, says Halfvarsson to SVT.

Italian Federico Pellegrino thus moved up to the podium. Johannes Høsflot Klæbo won ahead of Pål Golberg.

– You are already so disappointed that they don’t care how they behave. To me they are just idiots. They would rather have an Italian on the podium because they think Swedes and Norwegians are ruining sport, he tells Expressen.

SIN: Calle Halfvarsson sprinted to third place, but was later dished out. Photo: Johanna Wallen / BILDBYRÅN

Have a different opinion

Pellegrino, who went from fourth to third place, tells NRK that he understands that Halfvarsson is reacting, but believes that the rules were clear.

– I know the rules, because I have been disqualified for the same rule before. The rules were clear to me.

– I understand that Calle gets frustrated, because I have experienced the same thing, says the Italian in an interview shown on NRK.

Stusser over Northug’s statement: – What does he mean by that?

Halfvarsson thinks it is a strange decision.

– That I will be deprived of a podium place when I do not take a shorter route… It is rather longer, says Halfvarsson to Expressen.

National team manager Anders Byström tells Expressen that they have lodged a protest against the disqualification, but believe that even it will not be approved.

PROTEST: National team manager Anders Byström says that they are reacting to the jury’s decision. Photo: Johanna Wallen / Bildebyrån

To the same newspaper, race leader Michal Lamplo in FIS says that the athletes were told about the marking on Sunday morning. Spruce bars were used to divide the trail in the ground.

– The reason is safety. If we put trays there, we risk a crash, it could be dangerous. It has been used for many years. So nothing new, says Lamplo to Expressen.

Northug: – Correct

TV 2’s cross-country expert Petter Northug agrees with the jury’s decision, but:

– If you follow the regulations, it is correct that he was dished, but I do not understand why they do not have a full opening on the last hill. In the TV pictures, it looks crude that it is allowed to attack from behind as Calle does, so you can debate back and forth whether the pitch should have been wider.

– I believe that on the last hill there should be the opportunity to attack from the last position, Northug elaborates.

UNDERSTANDING: TV 2's cross-country expert Petter Northug believes it is correct that Calle Halfvarsson was dished, but still understands the Swede's reaction. Photo: Pål S. Schaathun / TV 2

UNDERSTANDING: TV 2’s cross-country expert Petter Northug believes it is correct that Calle Halfvarsson was dished, but still understands the Swede’s reaction. Photo: Pål S. Schaathun / TV 2

– Too bad Calle

The expert’s reasoning is that there are often combined fields also in the last kilometer before the finish line.

– Then it should be possible to attack widely. It’s true that he gets screwed, but I feel sorry for Calle.

He believes that in the future FIS should consider whether such entrances before the stadium should be made wider.

– Then it won’t be too narrow when the athletes come in, especially in the last kilometre, says Northug.

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