Paying tribute to Federer before the farewell: – In many ways he is the “Greatest of All Time”

Paying tribute to Federer before the farewell: – In many ways he is the “Greatest of All Time”
Paying tribute to Federer before the farewell: – In many ways he is the “Greatest of All Time”
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Last Thursday, it became known that Roger Federer (41) is retiring as a top-level tennis player after this weekend’s Laver Cup in London. He has 20 Grand Slam titles on his track record and is one of tennis’ biggest profiles of all time.

He has recorded 127.5 million dollars in his career, around 1.2 billion Norwegian kroner.

Lower Cup

Ruud’s dream start in the Laver Cup: – It was nerve-wracking


In April, Federer announced that he would compete in the ATP 500 tournament at home in Basel at the end of October. Federer has won that tournament ten times in the past, but this year’s edition now runs without him. Already on Friday evening, his career will reportedly be over, after a doubles match with Rafael Nadal.

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Discovery’s Ola Bentzen is looking forward to commenting on Federer at the top level one very last time.

– In many ways he is the “Greatest of All Time”. It is difficult to rank the big three, but for me he is the one who has given me more than the others. It is a bit difficult not to put Federer as the very best, says Bentzen.

– What do you put in it?

– There are two things for me. That’s how long he has stayed at the top, for almost 20 years, as well as the total package he has. The way he plays, how he carries himself on the pitch, as well as his style of play. It is no small thing when John McEnroe says that he thinks Federer is the most beautiful tennis player he has ever seen. He has won a lot by playing an offensive type of tennis, says Bentzen.

– For example, he has gone for a one-handed backhand along the line versus hoping that the opponent makes a mistake on a decisive point. This will make you incredibly popular. There has been enormous public interest in Federer for all these years. Others have won several tournaments and Grand Slams, but Federer is still the most popular.

Ruud after the final loss: – Proud of the tournament we have achieved

Full of words of praise

Christer Francke visits much of the same.

– In terms of results, he is not the best of all time, but when you look at the overall picture, I think he is. It also says something when Federer has had more influence than Nadal and Djokovic combined.

– What has he done so well?

– The technique, the elegance… He uses so little effort to play as well as he does. The talent, both physical and technical, is absolutely extreme. The way he dominates all covers. His variation in the game. How offensively he plays, how early he takes the ball, how easy it looks when he plays. I have never seen a player before or since who has played as aesthetically well as Federer, says Francke.

– In addition, he does everything else right. He never throws the racket, he is fair and a good guy. He does everything right in all arenas. He is probably a little too perfect, some say, but you can’t blame Federer for anything, he says.

– Not physically prepared

Bentzen still believes that it is difficult to rank Nadal, Djokovic and Federer.

– Nadal and Djokovic are not finished yet. They get to finish their careers, then we can look back, look at the numbers and rank. But I personally think that Federer plays the best tennis. He has an entertainment value and an X-factor that no one else has. I will admit and say that he has given me a little more than the vast majority of others, says Bentzen.

– Is it sad that he only plays a double as the final match of his career?

– It would have been nice to have a singles match as well, but he is probably not physically prepared. After all, it’s been over a year since he last played, so he probably knew that he had to give up a little longer than people knew. It seems to make sense that it will just be a fun doubles with Nadal. It will be an entertaining match, says Bentzen.

Ruud puts words to this weekend’s Norwegian triumph: – Good with a bit of “gut atmosphere”

Praised by Ruud

When Federer gave up, Casper Ruud called the news sad.

– It is sad news for fellow players, fans and everyone else really. He’s had a long career and everything has an end, so it’s not too surprising. It would be a sad day regardless of when it would come, says the 23-year-old to Discovery.

– I have watched him since I was a little boy. He has meant a lot to me and to many people around the world. He is unique, adds Ruud, who is now ranked number two in the world.

Lower Cup

Ruud about the historic event: – One of the biggest things that has happened in sport


Lower Cup

Ruud puts together the ultimate player based on the “big four”: – Complete package


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