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During a press conference on Friday morning, the police state that a man is wanted in connection with the shooting.

The man is staying abroad, according to the police. NRK has confirmed that the man the police are now looking for internationally is Arfan Bhatti.

Arfan Bhatti holds an appeal during a demonstration outside the Storting against Norway’s participation in the war in Afghanistan in 2012.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Bhatti’s long-time defender John Christian Elden tells NRK that he is not familiar with the wanted list.

– The police have not asked me, says Elden.

He states that Bhatti has been at a known address in Pakistan since before the summer.

Previously convicted of shooting

Arfan Bhatti is a Norwegian Islamist who has been convicted of having participated in the shooting at the synagogue in Oslo in 2006.

Shortly before the shooting in Oslo, Bhatti posted a photo of a rainbow flag on fire on his Facebook page.

He has also been convicted of threats and of having shot a person during a torpedo mission. Bhatti has praised Osama bin Laden and supports Sharia law.

Arfan Bhatti holds an appeal during a demonstration outside the Storting against Norway’s participation in the war in Afghanistan in 2012.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The police with few details

The police did not want to release the name, photo of the person concerned, or other information during the press conference.

– We do not want to comment on which country the person is currently in, said police attorney Børge Enoksen.

He says that the man is in his 40s and that he is a Norwegian citizen. The man is charged with complicity in a terrorist act and is known to the police from earlier.

– For the sake of the investigation, I cannot say anything more about the details of the case, Enoksen said.

Police attorney Børge Enoksen.

Photo: Camilla Svennæs ​​Bergland / NRK

A short time later, NRK nevertheless received confirmation that the man in question is Arfan Bhatti.

At the same time, Martin Bernsen in PST confirms to NRK that PST is assisting the Oslo police district in the matter.

Has not given an explanation

On Monday this week, the Oslo district court decided that the detention of Zaniar Matapour will be extended by four new weeks.

He was then present in court, but did not testify.

This was confirmed by police prosecutor Ingvild Myrvold to NRK on Monday.

Matapour has thus still not allowed himself to be questioned by the police.

The 43-year-old is charged with having committed murder and attempted murder with terrorist intent.

Matapour is currently being forcibly admitted for judicial observation at the Regional Security Post at Haukeland University Hospital.

One of the theories the police are working on is that the shooting was a hate crime aimed at gay people. The incident happened the night before the Pride parade in central Oslo.

244 offended

On the night of 25 June, Zaniar Matapour fired several shots in Rosenkrantz’ gate in Oslo. It is in connection with this case that Bhatti is wanted.

Two people were killed and 21 people were physically injured after the mass shooting.

A total of 244 people have the status of aggrieved after the shooting.

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