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Tesla is recalling over a million cars in the US – fear of people’s fingers

Tesla is recalling over a million cars in the US – fear of people’s fingers
Tesla is recalling over a million cars in the US – fear of people’s fingers

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On Thursday, US traffic authorities published documents which show that the automatic system that is supposed to ensure that people do not pinch their fingers in the windows of more than a million cars of Tesla’s Model 3, Model S and Model X is not working properly.

According to The Guardian, it should be a breach of national standards for electric windows. The defective mechanism should ensure that the windows stop if the car detects that something is stuck. The newspaper writes that Tesla discovered the problem during tests in August.

According to the company, the problems can be fixed by a simple update of the software. The owners of the cars in question will receive information from Tesla from and including 15 November.

According to the Guardian, Tesla is not aware of anyone being injured as a result of the problems.

The news of the recall was not well received by the market, we are to believe CNBC. The Tesla share fell over four percent on the stock exchange today. At the time of writing, the broad technology index Nasdaq is down 1.35 percent.

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Elon Musk in Stavanger: – Grateful for the support the Norwegian people have given electric cars

Elon Musk appeared at ONS in Stavanger on Monday morning.



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