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Accident, Accidents and incidents | Four people injured after an accident between a bus and a car in Haugerud

Accident, Accidents and incidents | Four people injured after an accident between a bus and a car in Haugerud
Accident, Accidents and incidents | Four people injured after an accident between a bus and a car in Haugerud

According to the police, two cars and a scheduled bus are involved in the accident shortly before 5 p.m.

– When it comes to injured people, three people are considered injured. All of them have been passengers on the bus, says operations manager in the police, Gabriel Langfeldt to Avisa Oslo.

The three people are treated by the ambulance at the scene.

The extent of the damage is currently unknown.

Photos from the scene show extensive collision damage to both cars and the scheduled bus.

At 17.41 the police report that Tvetenveien has been opened in both directions. Four people have been taken to the emergency department for further treatment.

Suspect high speed

Operations manager Langfeldt tells Avisa Oslo that witness information at the scene indicates that one of the cars involved drove at high speed:

– The car has entered the roundabout, skidded and hit the other car, which in turn hit the bus.

A man who witnessed the accident says that one car came at high speed up Tvetenveien from Lindeberg.

– The bus stops for a car turning out of Haugerudveien, when there was a loud bang. One car lifted off the ground, the witness told Avisa Oslo.

Works on site

– How are the drivers of the cars and the bus doing?

– They appear unharmed, replies operations manager Gabriel Langfeldt.

The police are now talking to witnesses to clarify the cause of the accident.

– Have the police arrested the driver of the car that was speeding?

– We are at the scene and talking to witnesses, so it is possibly something we will come back to. We are going to file a case on the matter. If there are further measures, we will have to come back to it.

– So no arrests yet?

– No. That is correct.

On Thursday evening, the police stated that they suspect the driver of having driven into Tvetenveien, collided with a car coming out of a side road, so that it then crashed into the bus.

– We have seized the driver’s license of the suspect, they write on Twitter shortly after 9 p.m.

Complete standstill in traffic

There is still a complete standstill in both directions on Tvetenveien, says Langfeldt.

– Both cars must now be salvaged. We are working to clear the site so that traffic can resume.

At 17.29, the police wrote on Twitter that they were in the process of opening a lane.

– The bus is out of the way, but we are waiting for recovery to get it away. There is a lot of extra traffic in the nearby areas, says the Twitter message.

The article is in Norwegian

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