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Dalane Tidende meets team captain Chris Sleveland and Ådne Midtskogen in the stands at Husabø. They have just finished a training session. EIK has had a great season so far and is in solid third place in the table, just three points away from direct promotion. They have started to feel the tension. A very important home game is approaching on Saturday against Ørn Horten, where they hope to get three points.

– We of course hope to gain control of the match, they say.

The A team has five “cup finals” behind them which have gone very well.

– But for us it is important to always take one game at a time. It’s about constantly focusing on the next step, say the teammates.

Focus and experience

The A team has some of its biggest competitors ahead of it throughout the autumn. They will play against Moss at home, Fløy at home and Arendal away. Moss is at the top of the table, just three points ahead of EIK, while Arendal is just above EIK, just one point ahead.

– But we don’t think too much about these games now. Every match we play is an important match. It is important to put all our energy into the battle that is right in front of us. That is exactly what we are very good at, says Chris Sleveland.

They explain that one of the team’s greatest strengths is staying focused.

– Now we have everything to win and everything to fight for. It is of course good motivation. The fact that we have done so well so far means that we are in an attacking position, and that is a huge advantage, they say.

The captain believes that it is an advantage for EIK that they have players in the team who have experienced promotion battle before, like last year.

– They have felt the pressure before and know what they are getting into. It might give them extra motivation. They know what it’s like not to make it, and that the world moves on if there is no promotion. It often means that they are able to keep an extra cool head, he says.

Good mates and a united team

Sleveland and Midtskogen explain that the generally good atmosphere in the team means that cohesion is very good.

– We are good at playing each other well. If someone makes a mistake, we don’t go around being mad at each other. It is human to err. Rather, we focus on what we can improve and then work together for that, they say.

The two EIK boys believe that unity can be decisive for promotion.

– Even though we don’t have that many local players, we have built up a fantastic team together. The fact that we have training during the day, for example, means that the players who don’t normally live here get to know the city a little more. We are good at focusing on things other than football too, and have a coaching staff who remind us that football is not about life and death, even though it can sometimes feel a bit like that when you go out on the pitch, smiles Sleveland.

– We are good at gathering outside the football field. Then, for example, we play cards together after training, or come up with other activities, says the captain.

– I have become very happy with the group and we have become good mates, he adds.

The supporters are worth their weight in gold

Ådne Midtskogen, who has moved in and is renting from Kvik Halden, thrives in Egersund and in EIK.

– It has been very nice to get to know the city and not least the supporters. After all, they are the twelfth man on the team, and we develop a very special bond with them. Even if you don’t have a local connection to the team, football is still about the same thing. You want to perform as well as you can, regardless of which team or city you are in, he says.

Chris explains that many of the players have said that they often stop to chat with enthusiastic supporters in the city at the shop, for example.

– It means a lot to us that so many show interest and commitment. It makes sense in our work, says Sleveland.

The Tigers have picked up strongly this season, also in junior form. The players think it’s worth its weight in gold.

– It gives us enormous motivation to see so many supporters in the stands who create life and give us support. It’s especially nice when there are young football budding players who come along, who have been happy to train with us, says Ådne.

Chris and Ådne encourage as many people as possible, both young and old, to make the trip to see their matches.

– The supporters’ presence can give us the last “push” we need to move up, he says.

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