Donald Trump vs Taylor Swift

Donald Trump vs Taylor Swift
Donald Trump vs Taylor Swift

They have hated her for a long time, such cults hate members who leave them, and some men hate women. Taylor Swift is not an aloof coastal liberal. She is one of them, born and raised in Tennessee, still living in Nashville, in the middle of country. In Trump country. She even started out as a country singer with cowboy boots on, but then she was sassy enough to cross over and become an all-time pop star.

Moreover, she is a successful and powerful woman. It is unforgivable.

But this week took the culture warriors on the right in the USA took their Taylor hatred far into the deepest darkness of the conspiracy, and the boss himself, Donald Trump, willingly crawled in front. They have declared “holy war” against Taylor Swift. The breakdown was sparked by rumors that the pop star topped Biden’s list of celebrities he wanted to endorse. From there, it was not a long way to the total meltdown for an open scene with allegations of a conspiracy against Donald Trump, staged by Biden and “the deep state”.

Hang in there, though you are neither particularly interested in Taylor Swift nor her new boyfriend, who plays an important supporting role. Because this is perhaps one of the sickest things the Trump world has ever offered, and as we all know a lot about it. What can beat the Democrats’ pedoing in the basement of a pizzeria, led by Hillary Clinton? I actually think it’s possible they’ve outdone themselves this time.

How embarrassing!

Taylor Swift has got a boyfriend who is a bit of a star himself, on the American football team Kansas City Chiefs. The couple’s surprising dating has caused it to boil over in the media. Two of America’s biggest celebrity arenas, the sports and pop industries, had merged into a larger entity. When Swift started showing up at her boyfriend’s matches, fans followed suit, both at the matches and in front of the screen. The National Football League (NFL) almost had to pinch itself. Overnight they gained over two million new viewers, and it was the promised youth who flocked. American football had suddenly become hot among young women.

Speculation ran hot. Was it an arranged relationship, a PR stunt, to increase their value to both of them? But as the couple appeared together more and more often, wrapped tightly and in love, even the cynics had to accept that Taylor and Travis were indeed a couple.

The police: – Stay inside!

Taylor Swift hardly needs to a footballer to increase his market value. She manages that just fine on her own. She is the world’s biggest pop artist and her “Era Tour” has sold the most tickets in all of pop history. She is a megastar and a cultural phenomenon cultivated by tens of millions of so-called “swifties”, devoted fans who follow her closely in everything she does and rally around her when she is attacked. Recently, they forced Elon Musk himself to his knees when they ordered X to take down AI-generated nude photos of Taylor. In particular, she has become an icon for girls of all ages who admire her for standing up for herself and other women in an industry that is still male-dominated.

That is why she is like a thorn in the side of all the culture warriors, Trumpers and incel guys. Even Donald Trump feels threatened by a woman who competes with him for the only thing he cares about, fame and admiration. He defiantly declared the other day that he has “more followers than Taylor Swift” and also claimed that his fans are more loyal.

The crazy one the conspiracy theory is that the NFL in collaboration with Biden and “the deep state” has fixed matches so that KC Chief would advance to the final, the Super Bowl. During the famous halftime show, which is among the most watched on American television every year, Taylor Swift will enter the stage and give her support to Biden in front of tens of millions of viewers. Everything has been carefully planned in a grand conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. It is possible that the FBI is also involved, and that Swift is an agent for them. Also, she’s not as pretty as people make her out to be.

These twisted claims are made in all seriousness in several media on the right, mainly also in Fox News. To draw the conspiracy even further, several people point to the fact that Travis Kelce has encouraged Americans to get vaccinated. They call him Mr Pfizer and do not ignore the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is also in on the plot.

I guess we can all agree that this is completely cocooned and preferably just laugh about it. The problem is that these conspiracy theories have increasingly surfaced in the Republican Party in recent years and all the way to the boss himself. They flow seamlessly into a mosaic of conspiracies, suspicion and polarization.

But how smart is it to have sex with America’s most popular and perhaps most powerful woman? The only thing they have in common are fans who follow them to the end of the world. He knows how dangerous it is.

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