Mittnab, Sports | Gold number two for Anna, silver for Eira

Mittnab, Sports | Gold number two for Anna, silver for Eira
Mittnab, Sports | Gold number two for Anna, silver for Eira

After yesterday’s two Norwegian victories in the WC ski orienteering middle distance with Nydalens SK’s Anna Ulvensøen and Konnerud’s Jørgen Baklid, the duo were big favorites in the WC’s closing mixed sprint relay on Saturday. To the Norwegian orientation, Ulvensøen said that she and her partner Baklid felt they could walk with lowered shoulders.

She went on to say to Norwegian orientation: – It’s nice to know that the form is good.

– Jørgen had a long forking on his first stage, and thus I had to weed on my 2nd and 3rd stage. That’s very good.

When Ulvensøen is in top form, she is difficult to deal with.

And in the end – after 3 stages of both her and Jørgen Baklid – she was able to parade over the finish line to clear victory.

But they also had a couple of falls on “cuts” where the crowd did not carry, so there was no question of a flawless parade march.

Thus it ended with two WC golds for 30-year-old Ulvensøen.

– My best championship ever. It’s lovely, although I could have walked a little better the first two days. But rather World Cup gold than a couple of silver and bronze medals, Kringsjå resident Ulvensøen smiles.

There was also a medal for a newcomer in the women’s junior WC relay. Eira Skaarer Wiklund was part of the Norwegian team that took silver, behind Sweden.

Now it’s from the WC in Ramsau to the NM in Lygna in a little over a week.

Long distance and relay for Ulvensøen and the other Norwegians await:

– It will be really great. We will have a club trip with Nydalens SK and there are over 30 of us, so there will be a lot of teams from us during the NM relay in just over a week.

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