Donald Trump – Boast from doctor:

Donald Trump – Boast from doctor:
Donald Trump – Boast from doctor:

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Biden’s age is constantly being highlighted as his major weakness before the presidential election in 2024.

His most likely Republican opponent, Donald Trump, is no youth either. Next year he will turn 78.

Accused of Nazi language: – Terrifying

On Biden’s 81st birthday on Monday, Trump made sure to remind people of the health situation of America’s top leaders. He did so by posting a health statement from his doctor on his own platform Truth Social.

TRUMP: Former US President Donald Trump rages against the fraud case against him, October 4, 2023. Video: Reuters
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– Excellent

– I am happy to report that President Trump’s health is overall excellent. The physical examinations were well within the normal range, and his cognitive test was exceptional, writes doctor Bruce Aronwald.

He also says that Trump has lost weight, and that this has improved the results on some of the tests.

– President Trump has reduced his weight through an improved diet and sustained daily physical activity while maintaining a busy schedule, says the doctor.

When Trump was arrested and charged in Georgia for trying to overturn the 2020 election results, the former president claimed he weighed 98 kilograms and was 190 centimeters tall. Many found it hard to believe that this was his real weight.

The dog that caught the car


Many Trump critics will be skeptical of such a certificate that Trump’s doctor brings. Trump’s former doctor, Harold Bornstein, for example, wrote a similar letter for him in 2016. He later claimed that Trump had dictated the content, according to Reuters.

Biden is America’s oldest president ever. Before him, it was Trump who held this record.

Nevertheless, Trump constantly tries to make fun of Biden’s age.

– He can’t put two sentences together. And he has control over nuclear warfare, Trump has said on several occasions.

At some of his recent public meetings, Trump has also parodied Biden as an exceptionally frail and old man who keeps falling.

During a speech to Republicans in Anaheim, California, presidential candidate Donald Trump came down hard on President Joe Biden, who he believes is too old and fragile to lead the country. Video: X/Reuters. Reporter: Christina H. Korneliussen
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More mistakes

But Trump himself has also buzzed in several statements this autumn. It has caused both the Biden campaign and some of Trump’s opponents to attack him.

New mistakes:- Sad to see

Republican candidate and Florida governor, Ron Desantis.

– This is a different Donald Trump than in 2015 and 2016. He is no longer so quick. In 2016, he spoke without inhibitions. He was everywhere in the country. Now it’s just a different guy. And it’s sad to see, Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said at a campaign rally in New Hampshire recently, according to Mediate.

Trump’s former UN ambassador and current presidential candidate, Nikki Haley believes that all presidential candidates over the age of 75 must take a cognitive test.

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