Traffic, The Book | Head-on accident

Traffic, The Book | Head-on accident
Traffic, The Book | Head-on accident

– Two cars involved in a head-on collision. Unknown extent of damage, the police write in the police log at 22:24.

The accident happened on the E10 near the practice track of NAF. There is an 80 zone on the site.

E10 is closed as a result of the accident.

– It looks quite serious. There was a loud bang, says Fremover’s reporter, who is at the scene of the accident.

Going forward, the police inform us that a theory they are working on is that there has been an overtaking that has gone wrong, but that it is still too early to conclude. Witnesses at the scene confirm that there is talk of an overtaking.

In total, there are three people involved in the accident. One person has been transported by ambulance helicopter to Narvik. The other two have been transported by ambulance to the same location.

Operations manager in the Nordland police district, Kai Eriksen, says at 23.35 that the police are still working at the scene and that the road will be closed indefinitely.

– A tow truck has been requested, but it is impossible to say when the road will be fully reopened. There will be some off and on, but it will take time.

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