New video shows Crown Prince Frederik leaving Genoveva Casanova’s apartment

New video shows Crown Prince Frederik leaving Genoveva Casanova’s apartment
New video shows Crown Prince Frederik leaving Genoveva Casanova’s apartment

The Spanish TV channel Telecinco shares a new video of Crown Prince Frederik (55) on Monday evening.

The video is to confirm the time he and his friend Genoveva Casanova (47) met, and shows the crown prince leaving Casanova’s residence alone at 08:28 in the morning, according to Danish BT

The scandals are in a queue

The video shows that the crown prince is carrying a rolling suitcase and a bag over his shoulder. He is said to have stopped at a bus station, before eventually being picked up by a car.

He is said to have traveled to the airport in Madrid shortly afterwards.

The Crown Prince has found himself in the middle of an enormous media storm after the Spanish weekly magazine Lecturas published pictures of him during a secret visit to the Spanish capital. Casanova was also in the pictures, and the magazine claimed that the crown prince had spent the night with her.

Genoveva Casanova breaks her silence after the infidelity rumours. Reporter: Caroline Vagle. Video: See and Hear.
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From there, it didn’t take long before rumors of infidelity abounded throughout “all” Europe. The pressure became so great that Casanova felt compelled to come out and deny that there was anything other than friendship between her and the Crown Prince, who has also been married to Crown Princess Mary since 2004.

Casanova has explained that the plan was for a mutual friend of hers and Crown Prince Frederik to show the Crown Prince around the Spanish metropolis. When the friend fell ill, Casanova stepped in as guide.

Breaking the silence after the scandal

– We are friends, and the pictures prove nothing. Except for those who want to distort the images and see something that is not true. We have mutual friends and I won’t tell who. They are my friends, is among what the German TV star has said to the weekly magazine Vanitatis.

The Danish royal house has stated the following about the photos that are the background to the storm of rumours:

– We do not comment on rumors and insinuations.

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