Debate, Reader’s letter | Power ceiling for power in the north

Debate, Reader’s letter | Power ceiling for power in the north
Debate, Reader’s letter | Power ceiling for power in the north

Reader’s letter This is a debate entry, written by an external contributor. The post expresses the writer’s views.

Næringsarena Nord, a network consisting of 14 business associations and 3,500 companies from Helgeland in the south to Hammerfest in the north, is calling for a roof of power for power in the north.

In order to succeed with the green shift and ensure future welfare, it is crucial that Northern Norway must speed up the development of more grid and power production.

Earlier this month, the consultation deadline expired for the Energy Commission’s NOU, “More of everything, faster”. Næringsarena Nord praises the commission for their clear call and the clear signals that have been given. Affordable and renewable power in the north is fundamental for social and business development, security and preparedness, but also necessary to realize national climate targets and the government’s road map for green industry.

In the north, we are rapidly steering towards a power deficit, and society and business are already feeling the consequences. Statnett said no to over 40 requests for power connections in the north in January alone. Without power, we will not succeed in the green conversion of existing businesses and the industrial growth that is necessary to ensure population growth in the region.

Sustainable local communities with a civilian footprint in the north are important for preparedness. Access to power for business in Northern Norway is thus also a central security policy issue, a need that has become even more acute with Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.


The government must increase the rate of investment in network development in Northern Norway to ensure important infrastructure and good conditions for job and value creation in our part of the country.
The case-handling capacity at NVE and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy must be improved, to ensure progression, predictability and progress in business projects.
The government must take an active role in land policy in Northern Norway. It is urgent to secure a framework to reduce the level of conflict linked to grid development and power production, and at the same time ensure efficient processes.
ENØK incentives must be strengthened in order to exploit the potential in energy efficiency in several areas. In order to extract this potential, it is necessary to have strengthened incentives for energy management and storage systems and ENØK measures for business, the public sector and private individuals.
Prioritization criteria must become clearer for applications for network connection, beyond the existing criteria for maturity.

Alta Business Association
Bodø Business Forum
Brønnøy Business Forum
Fauske Business Forum
Hammerfest Business Association
Harstad Region’s Business Association
The Business Association of the Churches
Lofoten Business Forum/Røst Business Association
Mosjøen Business Association
Meløy Business Forum
The Narvik Region Business Association
The business association in the Finnsnes region
The business association in the Tromsø region
The Rana Region Business Association

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