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More elderly people want to live at home for as long as possible. It is very positive and something we as a municipality must make arrangements for.

At the same time, we know that almost half of those who live alone or have impaired health experience loneliness, and that more elderly people have more physical health challenges.

Good capacity in the GP scheme is and should be the basis for correct treatment and follow-up, but with more elderly people with complex challenges, it can be useful to have a low-threshold service in the same way that younger target groups have it where they are – a health center at the senior centres.

Active ageing, prevention and physical and social activity are all important elements for living a good life – all your life.

The senior centers are already an important cornerstone in making this possible. But now we are starting work on a health center for the elderly at the senior centres.

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The aim is to be able to provide the elderly with a preventive health service that can contribute to a safe and healthy old age.

The possibilities are many, for example advice on guidance on physical activity, diet, practical and technological aids, volunteering and home adaptations, preventive home visits, simple health measurements such as blood pressure, blood sugar and weight or medication review.

It is exciting work that our municipality should investigate.

But also conversations with a psychologist when the loneliness becomes too great or life too difficult, and the strengthening of the social worker function should be an option.

Health centers for the elderly are not new. In many ways, the senior centers already function like this to a certain extent.

But the Conservative Party believes we can make the offer even better. In Larvik, for example, the health center has a collaboration with the specialist health service where the elderly can receive a broad geriatric assessment. It is exciting work that our municipality should investigate.

Now the decision has been made, and the Conservative Party is impatient to get a health center for the elderly in place, so we can ensure even better services and offers for our elderly.

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