This is how the police will ensure a safe Pride celebration –

This is how the police will ensure a safe Pride celebration –
This is how the police will ensure a safe Pride celebration –

The police are keen to contribute to securing all Pride events based on PST’s threat assessment and other relevant risk assessments.

– The police districts will have a dialogue with local Pride organizers and implement measures based on available risk assessments, says Bjørn Vandvik, department director in the Norwegian Police Directorate (POD).

In addition to local dialogue between the police, LGBT+ organizations and other organizers, meetings have also been held at national level. Today, PST, Oslo police district and POD held a meeting with representatives from many affected organisations. Here, information was given, among other things, about PST’s threat assessment in connection with Pride.

Local measures are decided by the chief of police

The police’s security measures span a wide range. There is everything from dialogue and measures with low visibility, such as intelligence activities, to the use of roadblocks and the presence of armed police. Which measures are taken are based on several factors, including threat and risk assessments, the national and local situation, the size of the event and the number of participants.

– There is great variation between the formats of the various Pride markings, and many different factors that come into play in the assessment of which security measures are to be implemented. Therefore, local assessments will be the basis for the police’s security measures at the various events, explains Vandvik.

The police encourage everyone to celebrate Pride

The police will continue to celebrate Pride and encourage both employees and citizens to do the same. Vandvik emphasizes that Pride is an important symbol of diversity, openness and inclusion.
– The police themselves will fly the rainbow flag at police duty stations and participate in various events. We will ensure that the framework surrounding this year’s events is taken care of so that everyone can have a safe and good Pride celebration. The police encourage everyone to mark and celebrate Pride as normal, concludes Vandvik.

Uniformed police at work

Earlier this month, it became clear that the police will no longer wear uniform when they participate as private individuals in the parade. Seen also in light of the latest threat assessment from PST, Vandvik is concerned that the police should be available to citizens at this year’s celebrations, and have a visible presence at Pride. There should never be any doubt whether uniformed police are on duty or not.

– The decision that the police will no longer wear uniforms in the parade has been taken to contribute to the greatest possible safety and predictability for the citizens, comments Vandvik.

Read the threat assessment from PST here.

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