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Jan Gunnar Bjerke has previously been represented at the company’s general meetings with lawyer Hedvig Svardal. Bjerke should be very familiar with the company’s articles of association. At the same time, Jan Gunnar Bjerke, represented by lawyer Svardal, has proposed a number of changes to the articles of association, proposals which an overwhelming majority of the owners have rejected. Bjerke should be aware that if the majority does not vote for their proposals, then they will not be adopted, it is not more difficult. The chairman is up for election every year and can be thrown out every year. Quite simply that too.

Another issue that should be obvious is that it is the assessment authorities and not the board that determines the values ​​in a company. It is also the authorities that have decided that a share register must be updated on an ongoing basis. Whether an unexchanged estate can sit as an owner in the company has been clarified between the parties.

During my time as chairman of the board, Jan Gunnar Bjerke has never participated in the discussions surrounding the company’s future, but he is most welcome to propose himself or others for board positions in the company.

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