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Richard Tulecki (48) was recently awarded a total of 7.68 million US dollars, over 84 million Norwegian kroner, in compensation from a Burger King restaurant in Hollywood.

The 48-year-old claimed in court that his back was badly injured when he fell near the restaurant’s customer toilet in 2019.

According to Tulecki, he must have slipped in “wet mass of unknown origin”, writes CBS.

Rage against Burger King: – Nausea!

Became unable to work

His back had to be operated on, and after the operation Tulecki ended up with an injury to his colon.

This in turn led to the 48-year-old becoming unable to work, which, according to his lawyers, hit him hard both financially and psychologically.

HAPPY: Here Richard Tulecki poses with his lawyers Miguel A. Amador (left) and H Ross Zelnick (th) after the win. The woman is believed to be Tulecki’s wife. Photo: Law firm Ginnis & Krathen
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The jury took two and a half hours to agree on a verdict which therefore went in Tulecki’s favour.

– Being able to give our client this ruling means everything to us. Our client suffered tremendous hardship due to the defendant’s negligence. No sentence can change the fact that he was injured, but it will allow his family to move forward, says lawyer H Ross Zelnick in a press release.

Appeal the case

Seven Restaurants, the company responsible for the operation of the restaurant in question, has appealed the case.

Drop the meat

They believe that Tulecki’s lawyers did not present sufficient evidence that the restaurant’s management was aware, or was notified, that the floor was slippery.

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