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Season two of the popular TV 2 program “Forræder” has just begun to roll across the TV screens, but has already created great interest among viewers.

The difference this year from last year is that all the participants have brought someone they already know well into the competition to reveal the traitors among them. And as expected, this has led to even more frustration among the participants – who experience perhaps being betrayed by those closest to them.

But other challenges have also appeared along the way, especially after participants have started to drop out of the competition.

Tried to get information

Unlike most other reality shows, the players in “Forræder” have access to both mobile phones, PCs and other means of communication throughout their participation. It is therefore very easy to have contact with the outside world, including other excluded participants.

Some participants can admit to Nettavisen that they made good use of that opportunity.

Anne Marie Ottersen (77) was the first traitor to be revealed in this year’s season, and already in week two the 77-year-old had to pack her things and go home.

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In contrast, her husband Lasse Lindtner (67) remained at the fortress, and Ottersen admits to Nettavisen that she herself tried to obtain information from the 67-year-old while he was still participating in the program.

– I was so curious about what happened after I went home, but you mustn’t think that I got a word out of my husband, Ottersen tells Nettavisen and adds:

– “But dear you can talk to me”, I said. But I got a clear no, as he had promised not to tell anything. Even when he got home he wouldn’t say anything.

Violation of rules

According to TV 2, the couple’s contact was a clear violation of what the participants were allowed to do.

– The players in “Traitor” have access to mobile phones, PCs and the like when they have free time in the room, but must not contact each other or former players during this period. This is based on trust, TV 2 press manager Jan-Petter Dahl tells Nettavisen.

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Any information Ottersen might have obtained would hardly have affected either the game or the participation, as the 77-year-old had already returned home. Nevertheless, the contact between the married couple was a breach of the rules.

However, if Ottersen had told her husband the identity of the other traitors, it could have affected the game to a great extent.

Did not find out anything until the recording was finished

Ottersen says that she and her husband never spoke about the rest of the traitors, nor did she have any contact with any of the other participants.

– That would be too stupid, because we are adults. It wouldn’t have helped either me or Lasse to do something like this, because if you’re in the game you have to endure the roasting, says Ottersen.

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Lindtner also says that there was never any question of asking his wife who the rest of the traitors were.

– Asking Anne Marie who the other traitors were would be a violation of the game’s rules, and then it would not have been any fun, says Lindtner.

Ottersen says that she did not find out anything about the game until they were called in by the production after recording.

Could take revenge on the traitors

Last Friday, Torstein Bae (44) was voted out in the council chamber, and yet another traitor was out of the game. He then received a vote from co-traitor Aslak Maurstad (31), and in theory could have taken revenge afterwards by “gossip” to one of the other participants.

However, there was never an alternative.

– It is very important that you don’t say anything, and it can probably be a concern for the production that there are opportunities to cheat like this. Someone could have revealed something like this by mistake, but no one asked me about something like this, says Bae.

Nor can Maurstad imagine any of the other participants cheating in such a way.

– I think none of the participants would have joined the program if they had broken the rules. For me, it is completely unthinkable to do, at least, Maurstad tells Nettavisen.

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